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However, Lois announced she was going on a date with a guy she had met during a trip and Clark seemed a bit crestfallen that she didn't want to spend time with him. Lois, remembering that Clark stood her up at the coffee shop, declared that it would be easier if they just remained coworkers, although she seemed pleased that Clark had kept her rules of reporting from when he started working at the Daily Planet. When Clark met her in her disguise, he knew instantly it was Lois.

She was angry that he could see through her disguise and showed resentment that he had stood her up that night at the cafe. Lois ended up saving Clark from a mobster who was about to shoot him. Nevertheless, when Clark found Lois in danger, he took a bullet for her, despite being weakened by kryptonite. Lois was clearly concerned for Clark and upset that her irresponsible plan had put him in danger, although it worked, as later that same night, Lois received a Phone call from the "Red-Blue-Blur. Lois was pleased with this, while Clark's trust in Lois seemed to grow.

Lois in turn seemed to have gone softer on Clark forgoing past misgivings as he had taken a bullet for her. Clark now encountered a different side to Lois, as he related to her as the Red Blue Blur. When Clark discovered that he would die the next day fighting Doomsday , he wrote a letter as the Red-Blue Blur to say his goodbyes to the citizens of Metropolis. Lois arrived as he was finishing this to express her disappointment that he was not helping to find Chloe.

When she went to look at his computer screen and he shut it down, she became angry with him, frustrated by his secretiveness. He then called Lois as The Red-Blue Blur to ask her to publish the letter if something were to happen to him. She was shocked that he could die and was clearly concerned for his safety.

She then arranged to meet him by a phone booth, but before she could get there, she was accidentally sent to the future via the legion ring. During Doomsday 's attack, Clark went to the phone booth and was shocked to see that she wasn't there. Clark was nervous that she had been hurt by Doomsday and after Doomsday was defeated, Clark searched for Lois. When this proved unsuccessful, he confided in Chloe that there seemed no hope of finding Lois. He was clearly upset by this, which aided his decision to turn his back on his human persona.

Although Clark turned his back on his humanity after Jimmy 's death and Lois's mysterious disappearance, he remained distracted by the return of Lois during his training with Jor-El , showing that Clark's feelings for her had become romantic. Clark was told by Jor-El to say goodbye to Lois so he could focus on his training but he couldn't,instead he kept reaching out to her as The Blur. However, Clark found that Lois was in danger by a mysterious woman from the future who was gunning after her, Alia. He made it his mission to protect her and look over her, which Alia had predicted he would do, which was why she had targeted Lois in the first place.

This made it clear that Lois and Clark's futures were significantly entwined. When Lois returned to work, she was sad to discover that Clark had taken a leave of absence, as she missed him. She even seemed excited when she heard Clark's chair creaking, believing it to be him, trying to annoy her as he had done the year before. It turned out that the creaking was done by John Corben , a new reporter. As the Blur, Clark continued to keep in contact with Lois via the phone. This was the start of a connection between Lois and Clark as the Blur, making him slowly realize that he needed her.

However, this endangered Lois' life, as he requested her help to stop Corben after he had been turned into a cyborg known as Metallo. Once she was kidnapped, Clark once again came to Lois's rescue. After defeating Metallo, Clark tended to an unconscious Lois, stroking her brow with affection.

When she woke up, she saw the Blur standing in the distance concealing his face in the shadows. While she was overjoyed to see him, she was desperate for the Blur to reveal his face and was disappointed when he super-sped away,. The next morning, Clark restarted his job at the Daily Planet and Lois was thrilled to see him.

She ran into his arms, telling him how glad she was that he was back, but she quickly became embarrassed and backed away. Clark then leaned toward her and whispered that he missed her too. The Blur seemed to come in between Lois and Clark, as Clark began to suspect that Lois wanted to be in a relationship with the Blur, which Lois denied. Meanwhile, Lois remained oblivious to the fact that Clark was leading a double life as the Blur. Lois and Clark found themselves investigating a zombie threat. Lois soon had to defend herself against the entire staff of the Daily Planet that had been transformed into zombies.

When Clark eventually arrived, he was keen to protect Lois, although she was skeptical that Clark could defend them. They fought off the zombies together, although Clark was torn between maintaining his secret and protecting Lois. As a result, Lois was bitten by one zombie. In a safe location Lois and Clark shared a tender moment where Lois, unsure of their chances of survival, decided to share one of her deepest secrets that her involvement with the Blur was not just for the greater good but also for selfish reasons, but she felt an intimate connection with him that she had never experienced before which made her not want to be alone again.

Clark was very touched by Lois's feelings but failed to tell her his secret when she asked him if he had anything he would like to share. As the threat worsened, Clark rushed off to Chloe to attempt to fix the situation.

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Clark left Lois in Oliver's care, instructing him to make sure that she did not fall asleep and allow the infection to take effect. However, Oliver, feeling threatened by Clark and Lois's seemingly blooming relationship, chose that moment to discuss his feelings for her. As Oliver let his guard down, Lois fell asleep and completed the transformation into a zombie.

Clark was horrified to discover this and unwilling to inflict any harm onto Lois, he tried to reason with her. Unaware of her actions, a zombified Lois attacked Clark and pushed Clark into the street. Clark grabbed Lois and held her firmly until the antidote came down as rain and cured her. Relieved to have survived their ordeal together, Lois and Clark shared a romantic embrace in the rain. Later, Lois paid Clark a visit at the Kent farm to thank him for being there for her, stating that she had seen a new side to him, that of a hero.

She also said that while he never did tell her his secret, she would find out eventually. When Jor-El temporarily gave Clark the power of telepathy , he was able to hear Lois's thoughts and was pleased to hear about her deep attraction to him. Encouraged by her feelings for him, Clark invited Lois on a date. However, due to Toyman 's threat to blow up the Ace of Clubs , Clark was unable to make his date with Lois. She misunderstood Clark's intentions and believed that Clark was chasing a story without her rather than standing her up again so followed him.

Trying to keep Lois safe, Clark pretended he was only interested in the story, much to Lois's dismay. In an effort to make amends about his dishonesty, Clark shared the byline with Lois after asking her help to finish the article. Clark apologized for letting her down and Lois accepted his apology. Clark inquired how he might get a second date after messing up to which Lois told him, hypothetically speaking, to wait for a slower news day.

Clark assured her that hypothetically speaking, he would get it right the next time. Their relationship was strained when Lois accidentally discovered that Oliver had attempted suicide. She harshly reprimanded him, as she still cared for her former lover. Lois at first tried to get Clark to confide in her, telling him the two should get to know each other more, though Clark was obviously reluctant, pointing out that they're already so close that she tells him the color of her underwear every day.

Despite Lois hinting that she knew the truth, Clark denied it and Chloe helped Clark hide his identity by phoning Lois as the Blur while she was with Clark. Confused, she admitted to her therapist that she was silly to believe that Clark was the Blur. At the Daily Planet, Clark asked Lois to meet him in the copy room. Clark confirmed to her that he had in fact been keeping a secret from her and revealed to her that he needed to wear glasses. Lois told him that they were "very Clark Kent. Lois teased Clark by recommending contact lenses and that she'd only call him " four-eyes " once in a while.

She started to walk away but turned back, initiating a long kiss with Clark. This concluded with Lois having a flash of her recurring vivid dream and collapsing in Clark's arms. As they left, they talked about the fact it was their first personal outing as a couple. Clark suggested they go back to the farm and she jokingly turned him down, but Clark leaned forward and kissed her. Lois insisted that they slow down in order to get their relationship right. Clark then had to leave her to stop a robbery, leaving her vulnerable to an attack by the Dark Archer.

This resulted in her being admitted to hospital and receiving a visit from Zod. Clark, concerned for Lois, visited her in hospital and arranged a date. Later, Lois met Clark for their date and noted that she had had to take a cab from the hospital. Clark apologized and Lois showed him the charm that Clark's friend gave her.

When she mentioned Zod's name, Clark was concerned for Lois's safety. Lois uncovered a team of vigilantes from the past known as the Justice Society of America and met Doctor Fate who revealed her fate as the key to Clark's destiny, although he named Clark as "the Savior" rather than using his name. At the Planet, Lois showed Clark her front page article about the JSA and noted that he could have had a byline with her if he hadn't disappeared. Lois mentioned what Dr. Fate said about her destiny and Clark asked her if she believed in fate, to which she replied that she believed in the fate you made happen.

Lois was assigned to cover Metropolis's annual WonderCon but changed her mind about what costume she would wear and asked Clark to pick up a new outfit from her apartment on his way to the convention. Clark arrived but Zatanna interrupted his conversation with Lois. As Clark and Zatanna headed off, Lois was clearly jealous, but when a rare comic-book was stolen at the convention, they agreed to split up to cover more ground in finding it.

While investigating, Zatanna tried to seduce Clark only to discover his feelings for Lois were stronger than her magic.

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Clark returned to the Daily Planet and found Oliver and Lois speaking in supposedly intimate tones. As Oliver left, he warned Clark that Lois was angry. However, Lois seemed the opposite and claimed that she was not one to get jealous over someone like Zatanna.

Clark admitted to Lois that Zatanna kissed him. Lois was not surprised, as she could tell by his inability to make eye contact. Lois then proceeded to even the playing field by kissing a random passer-by. Thrown off but still intent on making it up to Lois, Clark offered to take her to the after-Con Costume ball. Lois accepted both the tickets and the apology on the condition that she could pick his costume. The next day at the Planet, Lois was working on her story when she got a text message on her Checkmate comm device from Amanda Waller , but Lois was forced to hide the device when Clark came in.

She tried to distract him by suggesting they take a break from work and go for a romantic dinner to which Clark easily agreed. However, Faora arrived and Clark explained that Faora was his lead on a current "story. Lois ended up going to the restaurant where she wanted to meet with Clark. As she sat, surrounded by signs of romance everywhere, a man named Dr. Chisholm approached and told her that he had a story for her, surrounding a conspiracy of aliens living among humans. However she feared that he was insane and had attempted to inform the police. Before she could say anything, Chisholm kidnapped Lois to be "drafted into war.

Back at the Planet, Lois filled Clark in on her in story while also trying to learn the test result from the blood sample she had obtained at Chisholm lab contained in a box. Clark was very curious about the contents in the mysterious box. Lois made a deal with Clark that if he told her his secret, she would reveal her secret. Suddenly they both received text messages: Clark's was from Zod and Lois's was from Waller. Lois and Clark came to a mutual understanding that a bit of mystery added spice to their relationship and decided to keep some things to themselves, unaware of the consequences of this decision.

In an effort to get some much needed alone time with Lois, Clark planned a mysterious romantic getaway in an attempt to finally consummate their relationship. Uncertain of what type of location spot Clark had chosen, Lois prepared her bags for each possible case scenario. Lois and Clark arrived at the inn during a dreadful storm, due a slight detour to see the biggest ball of yarn in the world, at Lois's behest.

Unfortunately for the happy couple, they checked in later than expected and the Innkeeper gave their registered room to another couple, a couple they would later find out to be Oliver and Chloe. The innkeeper informed them that only remaining room had a dreadful water leak, which Clark was able to fix. He also managed to rapidly make the room inhabitable using his super powers. Clark tried to make everything perfect to spend the night with Lois and he was very impressed when he saw Lois in her lingerie. As the two were preparing to spend their first intimate night in bed together, they were suddenly interrupted by a terrifying scream.

Lois and Clark went to investigate the disturbance only to discover that Oliver and Chloe were in bathrobes in the middle of the lobby. The next morning was very awkward for both couples as they discussed ending up at the same location as well as their different views on Oliver and Chloe as a couple. Unfortunately for Lois and Clark, a series of strange events unfolded that inhibited their romance. A spirit known as the Silver Banshee escaped from the underworld and in the process, possessed Chloe and Lois causing a few more awkward moments.

Chloe, possessed by Silver Banshee, attempted to seduce Clark in the shower and a possessed Lois tried to kill Oliver in the woods. Thanks Chloe's help, Clark was able to return Banshee back to the underworld and Lois returned to normal with no memory of the previous events of the hour. Back at the Talon, Lois and Clark talked about their horrible trip and Clark told her that it wasn't so bad, especially for the ball of yarn. Clark lifted Lois on the table and they passionately kissed when suddenly her cellphone started to ring.

Trying to respect her privacy, Clark did not listen to the phone conversation. The person calling her turned out to be Zod, pretending to be the Blur by using his voice scrambler. Zod then proceeded to ask Lois for her help while requesting that she keep their conversations secret from everybody, including Clark.

Clark paid Lois a surprise visit, finding an unexplained cut on her body which she could not account for, followed by her stating that she could not remember how she got into bed with the clothes she was wearing the night before. Clark and Lois leaned in for a kiss, which was interrupted when her phone went off, convincing Clark that Lois was hiding something from him. As Lois tried to distract him from asking more questions, Zod, continuing to pose as the Blur, called. After Clark discovered that Lois had been secretly working for the Blur, their relationship was tested by none other than his own alter-ego.

Lois assumed that Clark was just jealous of the relationship she had with The Blur, severely straining their relationship. The new editor of the Daily Planet, Franklin Stern , had also issued a friendly challenge that threatened both of their jobs. The couple attempted to save their careers by doing an expose on the recently early release of former D. Ray Sacks. After causing an embarrassing scene at the welcome back party for Sacks that landed on the front page of Metropolis Inquisitor newspaper, Stern fired the couple from the Planet. Lois was then kidnapped by Maxwell Lord , who intended on uncovering the true identity of the Blur by exploring her mind, but she subconsciously fought his powers.

As the Blur, Clark saved Lois and they had another encounter in which Clark was almost willing to reveal himself to Lois. However, shortly before this, Lois furiously told Clark that the Blur would never reveal his identity and put her in danger just to get his secret off his back. In order to protect her, Clark called Lois as the Blur and ended their relationship in an emotional phone call, telling her that any future calls would only be from an impostor. As Clark, he met her on the rooftop of The Daily Planet for their date where he tried to be understanding to the conflicted feelings Lois was experiencing due to her break-up with The Blur.

Clark questioned if he would be enough to fill her void, now that the "Blur" was gone, but she didn't answer, leaving their relationship's future in question. Clark tried to focus all his attention in finding Jor-El's Book of Rao in hopes of finding a solution to preventing Zod and his army from ruling Earth. Unfortunately, Lois was fully determined to find a way in getting her and Clark's jobs back at The Daily Planet.

Transgender Lives: Your Stories

Believing that her job as a reporter gave her purpose Lois tried to enlist Clark's help, only to find he was more preoccupied with a mysterious quest of his own. Stressed by their conflicting goals and Clark's dishonesty, Lois suggested that they take a break from their relationship. During their stay, Lois and Clark tried to pretend that their relationship as a couple was not in turmoil to please Martha. During an awkward dinner, Lois decided to end her relationship with Clark. A heartbroken Clark talked with his mother about his current problem and Martha assisted Clark in getting the Book of Rao.

After making the decision to use the Book of Rao to transport all Kryptonians to a different plane of existence, Clark decided to be completely honest to Lois about the true feelings that he deeply had for her. Unbeknownst to him, Zod met with her earlier on, revealing himself as the Blur in an effort to get Lois to have misgivings about Clark as she investigated further into Clark's activities and for her to retrieve the Book of Rao for him.

Lois, feeling sentimental about Clark, began looking through a trunk in his loft. Prior to Clark's arrival, Lois discovered Dr. Swann's journal and saw an image of the Book of Rao , unnerving her and making her come to conclusion that Clark knew more about the Kandorians than he was letting on. When Clark arrived, meaning to reveal his feelings and possibly his secret to Lois, she mentioned that Perry White offered her a job in Africa and that she would turn it down for Clark. Clark, taken back by this and knowing his intentions to leave with the other Kryptonians, decided to keep his secrets although Lois, desperate for the truth, claimed that they needed to be honest with one other.

Clark denied multiple times that he was hiding anything from her and encouraged Lois to take the job. She then responded by saying that she would stay for him, showing that as important as her career was to her, she'd give up Africa to be with him. A clearly distraught Lois left after a last embrace, with Clark unaware that Lois had used this time to take the Book of Rao from him.

As Lois prepared to give the disguised Zod the Book of Rao, she discovered that Zod was not the real Blur due to the difference of the touch on her left shoulder. Thus, Lois confirmed his deception and refused to give him the Book. Angered, Zod attempted to kill her by throwing her into a nearby phone booth with super strength, but was stopped by Clark in his Blur attire. Clark super sped in and with a powerful punch, knocked Zod away as he rushed to catch Lois.

He prevented her from fully hitting the phone booth and set her down. After awakening, she walked over to him in the shadows, asking for his forgiveness for believing Zod's lies. She handed him the Book of Rao and Clark pulled her towards him, giving her a passionate goodbye kiss before he departed. Lois showed an expression of shock and then smiled, coming to the realization and amazement that Clark and the Blur were one and the same".

Flashforwards to the future are written in Red The alternative universe Earth-2 is shown in Green. Lois, seeing Clark lying dead in the street, desperately tried to revive him by removing the blue kryptonite knife from his chest and then hid nearby to watch him recover, to her relief and joy. Still coming to terms with the fact that Clark was the Blur, Lois uncovered archived articles of Clark's heroics in his youth as well as discovering the new costume that Martha had left for Clark.

Lois was saddened that she was the last to know, but arranged to meet Clark later to discuss their relationship. However, Lois was knocked unconscious and subsequently kidnapped by a degenerated clone of Lex Luthor and tied to a post surrounded by fire in a similar manner of the Scarecrow where Lex had found Clark strung up like a scarecrow 9 years earlier.

Once Clark saved Lois, she left for Africa, much to Clark's disappointment. However, Lois felt that she was doing this to benefit Clark so he could be the hero he was destined to be. While in Egypt , Lois encountered Carter Hall , whom Clark had sent to keep a watchful eye on her for him. Carter realized that Lois had discovered Clark's super powers. Lois explained her reasons for leaving in the first place, believing herself to be a hindrance to Clark from fulfilling his destiny , but Carter could see that in order for Clark to reach his full potential he'd need Lois by his side and encouraged her to return to Metropolis.

Meanwhile, back in Metropolis, Clark struggled with Lois' absence when the newest recruit to the Planet, Cat Grant , was assigned as his new partner. Clark was set to go to Egypt to get Lois back until he realized that if he truly loved her, he'd let her go and she'd come back of her own free will.

Lois returned to Metropolis just as a possessed Gordon Godfrey began publicly speaking out against the Blur and vigilantes. She and Clark were upset about this and she comforted Clark about the hurtful things Godfrey was saying. In addition, she also apologized for the note that she left him and he accepted her apology just before he tried to save her from a falling billboard.

However, Kara returned and caught the billboard. Lois was concerned about Kara's public display of powers, due to her connection to Clark and Godfrey's followers growing animosity towards heroes. Lois went to extremes to discredit Godfrey by photographing him in a bondage club, which Clark disapproved of, but Lois reasoned that the vigilantes were vital, which comforted Clark.

Lois said that the Blur was different than all of the other vigilantes, believing that he'd work out his fears and be there for her before leaving Clark to ponder their conversation. They were eventually crowned the king and queen of the homecoming, much to Clark's dismay and Lois's delight. Brainiac 5 subsequently appeared to Clark and after showing him the truth about Jonathan's death, Clark tried to wrench the Legion ring from him when he saw Greg Arkin, a metahuman he'd fought in high school, approach Lois, only to end up time traveling to the future.

On October 15, , Clark encountered Lois at the Daily Planet, who told him to put on his glasses to conceal his identity. He was stunned to discover they were now top reporters, working on the 8th floor of the building in their own private office, as well as a married couple. When Lois asked Clark what was wrong, he said he was from a different time. Lois misinterpreted this and revealed that she knew he was the Last Son of Krypton. When he was speechless because she knew his secret, Lois also misunderstood this and thought she missed their anniversary.

When Clark believed it was their wedding anniversary, Lois informed him the actual anniversary was the day Clark told Lois his secret. Lois checked the desk calender and corrected Clark, telling him she hadn't missed the anniversary because it was a couple weeks away. After more conversing, Lois then revealed her knowledge about Clark's weakness to various colors of Kryptonite. Clark also encountered his future counterpart self, whose appearance was now that of a nerdy, glasses-wearing, as well as uptight mild-mannered reporter to conceal his identity as Superman, who enlisted his aid in dealing with an upcoming crisis that required him to be in two places at once.

After teaming up with his future self, he saved Lois from a helicopter disaster. Lois reprimanded him, for there was a pilot who could've seen him without his costume on and he was amazed by her efforts to protect his secret. They shared a passionate kiss and she reminded him about their dinner later that evening. After being returned to the present, Clark and Lois danced and almost kissed, but were interrupted by the announcement of the ending of the dance. At the Kent farm, however, they got to share a dance and they confessed their love.

Unbeknownst to Lois, Clark began floating in midair. After admitting their love, there was initially an uncomfortable tension between the two of them as Lois tried to prepare herself to reveal to Clark that she was fully aware of his identity as the Blur, yet it didn't change the fact that she was madly in love with him. However, at the same time, Clark was planning to admit the truth about his dual identity. At the Planet, Lois set up a way to address it to Clark, but with the return of Cat Grant and Lois' possession by the ancient Egyptian goddess known as Isis , her plans were temporarily delayed.

After the ordeal, Clark and Lois discussed the Blur and she wondered if the Blur would ever tell her who he was. Clark seemed to hesitate and as Lois walked away in disappointment, he decided to reveal to Lois his secret as the Blur, to which she was greatly overjoyed. She tackled him into a stack of papers and initiated a kiss.

Ecstatic, she asked him what took him so long, shocking Clark with the revelation that she was already aware of his dual identity. While he was searching for her, a local cop knocked him unconscious and brought him to the village, where Lois informed him of a bizarre annual tradition the villagers had for their harvest every year, involving a human sacrifice and added that she needed to be saved. Clark told her that the radiation effects of blue kryptonite that was projecting from the villagers' bodies due to the exposure from their water supply was suppressing his powers from functioning properly.

Upon learning this information, Lois revealed that she was the one who'd pulled out the blue kryptonite knife after his fall. They then managed to almost escape, but Lois' nail polish gave them away. She was horrified when Clark was fatally slashed in the chest, but when he was buried, he healed and was able to regain his abilities.

Just as she was about to be burned alive, he shielded her body and received a dire burn from the blue kryptonite fire. When he healed, Lois was able to intimidate the villagers and Clark sped away with her in his arms, stunning the villagers. Back in the loft, Clark apologized for being overprotective and Lois acknowledged to Clark that if it weren't for him, she would have been a " crispy critter in Hellsville.

During a " Thanksgiving holiday ," Lois and Clark came downstairs together, exhilarated and in high spirits, to the Kent kitchen with Lois wearing Clark's football jersey, suggesting that they had just spent the previous night consummating their relationship. Clark poured himself and Lois a glass of orange juice while Lois ate a strawberry with intense passion in her eyes. Clark suggested he make breakfast for her but Lois appeared to have an appetite not for food, but for Clark, suggesting they go out to the porch swing for a second round.

Lois was about to open the front door when Clark sped to her and they ended up in a passionate embrace. However, this was embarrassingly and unexpectedly interrupted by the arrival of General Sam Lane and Lucy, who paid an unexpected visit to Lois and Clark, ambushing them at the Kent Farm to spend "Thanksgiving.

After this, she heard a ruckus in the barn and saw that it was Clark chopping wood with his hand. She told him to be careful, given her father's hatred of superheroes. He apologized for the incident with Lucy and she said that it wasn't his fault, but wanted to know how he could take out a burning building and not a "twenty-something girl. She said that she didn't agree with the Vigilante Registration Act, but it meant something to her father and pleaded with him not to make her choose sides. Their relationship was strained when he thought she stood up to her beliefs, but was too afraid to do so with the General.

A furious Lois then informed him that he didn't have a family to deal with and had to answer to himself, while adding that if he wanted to be with her, he'd have to cope with her family before she left in tears. Unfortunately, when Lois was abandoned in the Talon, the Suicide Squad fired a missile with her location as the target, attempting to kill the General.

Clark subsequently saved her life. Once the General saw that the Blur saved Lois' life, he had more respect for him and told Clark that in the barn before dinner. The General approved of Lois' and Clark's relationship because he could see that Lois truly did love Clark. The General also alluded to the suspicion that Clark was the Blur but never went farther than that. Clark then asked Sam a question regarding his relationship with Lois, heavily implying he requested her father's blessing to marry her, before celebrating Thanksgiving with the Lanes.

After the destruction of the Talon, Lois was in Clark's kitchen late at night where she found a box on the table full of her mother 's things that her father had dropped off before he left. Clark came down and teased her about not admitting that she moved in. He asked her what was in the box and she discovered old video tapes of her mother that she'd made before succumbing to cancer.

Lois was afraid to watch them, terrified of her mother being angry with Lois for not coming to see her in the hospital. She asked if he felt bad about Jor-El disowning him as his son, Clark replying that he was not really his father. Lois was somewhat shocked, while Clark was torn between staying with Lois to help her deal with the problem and his patrol as the Blur, but after strained reassurance from Lois, he left her so she could sort out the tapes.

Her mother told her, on the recorded messages, that she did not want Lois at the hospital because she didn't want to see her so brought down in her illness and so weak. Her messages strengthened Lois' heart and she then resolved to help Clark deal with Jor-El. She searched the barn to look for some way to find the fortress and found the book where Clark used to keep the key, the maps to the Kawatche Caves and after digging further she unearthed the Key itself.

She then set out for the fortress, intending to help Clark with his turbulent relationship with Jor-El. When she arrived, she pleaded with Jor-El to reach out to Clark. She reminded him how wonderful Clark was but was concerned that while he might know Lois loved him, he'd never be able to fully hear it with the ghost of Jor-El's disappointment in him looming over his head. When Jor-El remained silent, Lois was furious and said that Clark was more Kryptonian than he and better off without him.

Suddenly, Jor-El lifted her up off the ground and bathed her in blue energy. Back at the farm, Clark thanked Lois for making that trip for him and helping him to deal with Jor-El. He explained to her that he had a better understanding of Jor-El's actions and motivations. Lois put the glass blue bird belonging to her mother in the window of the kitchen and handed Clark her tooth brush, as well as confirming she'd officially moved in now.

The Pistons had taken the first two games by and , and Detroit's defense had put the Bulls' fast break in neutral: The Bulls had failed to shoot better than 41 percent in either game. Jordan himself had averaged only 27 points, stubbornly going 17 for No team defensed Jordan better than the Pistons, yet he refused to admit that they gave him a hard time, so he played into their hands by attacking the basket right where their collapsing defensive schemes were expecting him.

Too often there was no escape. Although Detroit's so-called Jordan rules of defense were effective, the Bulls coaches also believed the Pistons had succeeded in pulling a great psychological scam on the referees. It had been a two-part plan. The first step was a series of selectively edited tapes, sent to the league a few years earlier, which purported to show bad fouls being called on defenders despite little contact with Jordan. The Pistons said they weren't even being allowed to defense him. The Pistons advertised their "Jordan rules" as some secret defense that only they could deploy to stop Jordan.

These secrets were merely a series of funneling defenses that channeled Jordan toward the crowded middle, but Detroit players and coaches talked about them as if they had been devised by the Pentagon. At halftime of Game 2, with the Bulls trailing , Jordan walked into the quiet locker room, kicked over a chair, and yelled, "We're playing like a bunch of pussies!

He would not comment on his teammates. Jordan had really believed that the Bulls could defeat Detroit this time. Of course, there was no evidence to suggest it could happen, since the Pistons had knocked the Bulls out of the playoffs the previous two seasons and had taken fourteen of the last seventeen regular-season games between them. But hadn't there been similar odds in when the Bulls had faced Cleveland in the playoffs?

The Cavaliers had won fifty-seven games that season to the Bulls' forty-seven, and they were against the Bulls, even winning the last game of the regular season despite resting their starters while the Bulls played theirs.

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The Bulls' chances were as bleak as Chicago in February. Jordan promised that the Bulls would win the Cleveland series anyway. Playing point guard, Jordan averaged And with time expiring in Game 5, he hit a hanging jumper to give the Bulls a 1-point victory. The moment became known in Chicago sports history as "the shot," ranking with Jordan's other "shot" in the NCAA tournament, a twenty-foot jumper that gave North Carolina a last-second victory over Georgetown. It also sent the Cavaliers plummeting; over the next two seasons, they would not defeat the Bulls once.

The playoffs had become Jordan's stage. His play transcended the game. It was a sweet melody received with a grand ovation. Others jumped as high and almost everyone slammed the ball, but Jordan did it with a style and a smile and a flash and a wink, and he did it best in the postseason. He's the greatest competitor I've ever seen and then he goes to still another level in the big games. And like Shakespeare, he was the best even though everyone said so. In just his second season in the league, after missing sixty-four games with a broken foot, Jordan demanded to return to the court despite warnings by doctors that he might exacerbate the injury to his foot.

The Bulls, and even Jordan's advisers, said he should sit out the rest of the season. Jordan angrily accused the team of not wanting to make the playoffs so it could get a better draft pick. He was reluctantly allowed to return with only fifteen games remaining in the regular schedule. Jordan had become perhaps the greatest scorer in the game's history. He would never equal Wilt Chamberlain's point game or his hundred-plus point games, but by the end of season, Jordan had become the all-time NBA scoring average leader in the regular season, the playoffs, and the All-Star game.

And he'd won his fifth straight scoring title, putting him behind only Chamberlain's seven. And now, facing the Pistons in , he was coming off a series against the 76ers in the second round of the playoffs that was unbelievable even by his own amazing standards. The Bulls won in five games as Jordan averaged 43 points, 7. He shot nearly 55 percent in He drove and he dunked. He posted up and buried jumpers. He blocked shots and defended everyone from Charles Barkley to Johnny Dawkins.

And then the Bulls, storming and snorting, headed for Detroit to take on the Pistons. The two teams hailed from hard-edged, blue-collar towns, Chicago with its broad shoulders and meat-packing history, Detroit with its recession-prone auto industry. For some reason, though, Detroit's sports teams seemed to have a perpetual edge over Chicago's.

In the Cubs finally won a piece of a baseball tide, but it was the Detroit Tigers who won the World Series, just as they had in , the year of the Cubs' last World Series appearance. And now there were the Pistons. Detroit had made a habit of beating Chicago. It was a habit Michael Jordan was determined to break. But no matter how hard he tried against the Pistons, he couldn't beat these guys. In earlier seasons, Jordan had some of his biggest scoring games against the Pistons: a point mosaic in an overtime win in March , an Easter Sunday mural on national TV in in which he'd scored 59 points.

And Jordan was an artist, the ninety-four-by-fifty-foot basketball court being the canvas for his originals, signed with a flashing smile, a hanging tongue, and a powerful, twisting slam. Pistons coach Chuck Daly, a man who appreciated the arts, was not particularly enamored of Jordan's work, and after the game the Pistons instituted "the Jordan rules" and the campaign to allow what the Bulls believed was legalized assault on Michael Jordan.

The Pistons had two of the league's best man-to-man defenders, Joe Dumars and Dennis Rodman, to carry out those assignments. Jordan grudgingly respected Dumars, with whom he'd become somewhat friendly at the All-Star game; Dumars was quiet and resolute, a gentlemanly professional. But Jordan didn't care much for Rodman's play. That's not good defense. But Jordan's frustration against the Pistons was much larger than his dislike for Rodman, his team's lack of success against Detroit, or even his failure to score effectively since that Easter Sunday game.

Detroit simply beat up Jordan, battering him through picks and screens whenever he tried to move. For Jordan, it was like trying to navigate a minefield of bullies. First he'd take a forearm shiver from Dumars when he tried to get past, then perhaps a bump from Bill Laimbeer and a bang from Rodman or Isiah Thomas. The Bulls were so concerned about some of these tactics a few years ago that they focused a camera on Laimbeer throughout the playoffs to see what he was doing and found that he was grabbing players at their pressure points to deaden their arms.

They complained to the league but got no action. And while Thomas is not considered a good defender because he doesn't like to play a helping game, whenever the Bulls play Detroit he is quick to double-team Jordan. He knows Jordan despises him and doesn't care much for Jordan being the hero in Chicago, Isiah's hometown. Jordan's resentment toward the angelic-looking Thomas is deep. During the season, Johnson suggested a one-on-one match between himself Jordan.

Jordan wasn't too interested, but Johnson was looking at a big pay-per-view payoff and had already worked out a deal with a cable TV company. When word surfaced though, the NBA voiced its disapproval, and Thomas, head of the Players' Association, said it was not in the best interests of the players to have such unsanctioned off-season games. Suddenly Jordan was very interested. He said he always thought the Players' Association "was supposed to be for the players. It's because if he were in it no one would be interested enough to watch.

They love to taunt Jordan during games about his selfish play, his baldness that's a specialty of John Salley , and how he enjoys being a loser. Salley, a bad stand-up comic who has earned a stage because he is seven feet tall and looks like Arsenio Hall, is a particularly bitter antagonist.

If one guy did everything, we wouldn't be a team. We'd be the Chicago Bulls. It would be hard for Michael Jordan to play on this team because he's got to score all the points. I don't think he'd fit in here. Jordan was perhaps the league's best when angered, dunking over seven-footers after they'd blocked his shot, scoring wildly against boastful rookies, and surging to great heights when opponents scored on him regularly or tried to show him up, But Jordan couldn't make it happen against the Pistons, and his teammates were unable to ease the burden he felt.

Among Detroit starters, only Joe Dumars would score in double 27 points, but it would be enough. In Game 2, Jordan limped on his injured hip and leg, and the Bulls fell. Pippen and Horace Grant scored 17 each, but it was hardly enough to make up for the ailing Jordan, who scored only Dumars scored And so Jordan left the game without speaking to anyone, leaving the media scrambling for reasons and teammates searching for answers.

It was not a happy group that headed back to Chicago for Game 3. Jordan believed his team had let him down when he was hurt. The team believed he'd let them down by failing to face the media after such a critical loss. Sure, several noted, he was there long into the night after he scored 50 points, but where was he when he scored only 20? And his man, Dumars, burned him in two straight games, and had clearly been the difference in Detroit's taking a lead.

The players agreed: We hear it from him when we don't play well, but when he doesn't play well it's still our fault? Center Dave Corzine, a former Bull, had once explained it well: "It's hard playing on a team with Michael because you're always the reason the team lost. There was not much anyone on the team could say publicly. Lots of strain with seemingly no purpose. But then one day, you were sent to the Olympic games — and you won a medal! In Hebrews 12, God talks about discipline:. God is treating you as sons.

For what son is there whom his father does not discipline? It means they are absolutely no threat to the kingdom of hell. The devil may even help them to prosper in the things of this world, because he know he will have them in hell for etrnity. The Lord is at hand; 6 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Toya, you are in good company! God has His hand on you. Trust Him. Turn your life over to Him. I have been through triala happily and without a doubt in my mnd that God was woth me. Now I am going through almost the same thing for a second time. I could not articulate how it feels this time like this lady has…it is uncanny. And your answer explains exactly in a way that I now umderstand. I have hopes of putting togwther a seven page mini booklet and this time as I look at hunger and homeleasness again it seems that this time I am to qrite every acripture that comes to mind every step of the way.

So I have been and I find psalm is truly truly a miracle verse. It has been a qhile since I conciously walked woth the Holy Spirit so that is a little rusty in the Halo deparwnt joke. And to this Lady. It us true. The enemy obviously does use the same tactics over and over again. I have a big problem with the devil.

The demon claims my soul and wants to possess me, another demon is helping. I have really big trouble. It enters my mind and lays thoughts into my mind, it wants me to bow before the devil. What can I do in this situation? Thank you that Jesus is here with me right now. Lord Jesus, I put all my trust in You. Watch what happens. Also, speak Bible passages out loud. Start with the Gospel of John. I believe all the answers are in the Bible.

I just need to read it more. I am doing a Bible Study with a friend, reading a chapter each night. I agree with you, Veronica, that there is no issue in human life that the Bible does not speak into. As soon as the light comes on, they run for the darkness. Same with Satan and his demons. Read the Word out loud. Memorize passages that speak to your heart. Saturate your mind with Scripture. Watch what happens! If God is Love and lets Satan get away with all the evil he does to us then We all should be forgiven no matter how evil are sins are.??? So what you are saying, Brian, is that God ought to keep the devil from messing with us?

But God, to prove a point, demonstrated to the devil that He God could do more with an inferior race humans — inferior to angels, including fallen angels than the devil could do. Quite a demonstration. This for real. But the devil would try to trick you if he could. I am so grateful I stumbled upon this article. I do sometimes feel intimidated by people that have over half of the bible verses and can recite them by memory but hey we all start somewhere!

I am blessed by our gracious God. I am thankful. God bless you all. I hope that anyone that is having a hard time. Just when I was beginning to think that God has left me because I have sinned against him I read this article. It helped me learn the truth that God would never ever leave me. I tried to add a post before, sorry if this shows up twice. But I wanted to ask you, Jan, what your thoughts were on spirituality and physical pain. I have learnd a lot about the origin of this issue. There are many books particularly written by Dr. John Sarno that point to a psychological cause of these symptoms.

Basically your mind hijacks your body and sends out all kinds of problems to different muscles and organs causing a lot of disfunction. In another one of your articles you mentioned the guy that always had anxious thoughts, but when he played football and was so engaged in the game, the anxious thoughts went away. This is almost identical to the nature of my problem. I know this source is spiritual, and the solution is God. Again, thanks for the articles and this wonderful website. For when I am weak, then I am strong. One possibility is described in Hebrews For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.

Hebrews I know this much: God often uses our struggles to strengthen us for Kingdom work. Ray, I hope this helps.


Thanks a lot for the response. In the case of Job, his sufferings were caused by allowed by the devil. Though Job learned much through his trials, he was a prudent man. But there are many cases where we humans, through our own will, make mistakes and do not follow the Word of God. We have a will, therefore we are capable of making these wrong turns. These wrong turns can and usually lead us into suffering — as the suffering itself can correct the error of our ways. Those are all great points, and ones we should all abide by. I have learned to trust God immensely these past several years.

I have learned to forgive many people in my life. I have learned a lot of sin in my life. But the suffering continues. There are many that can relate to me. I guess the summary of my our point is: Happiness is not a choice, nor is suffering. Even though choosing good and resisting evil are choices that we humans make, happiness and suffering do not correlate to them. Job is proof of that. I we just wonder if my our suffering is Job-like, or like that of grumbling and disobedient Israelites. Probably a combination, but will my actions make any difference?

Happiness is a choice and suffering is a situation. If you have put your life in HIS hands you have no reason to gripe about your situation. Thank him for it. Christianity is a verb. We are to seek God first. Then, you can seek anything through Him. Seventeen years of my life was lived in chronic excruciating pain as they said I too had fibromyalgia.

No I did not. I kept seeking and have experienced great healing. If you will, first look up gluten sensitivity, chronic myofascial pain and most importantly The Highly Sensitive Person Dr. Elaine Aron.

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Keep seeking His word. God Bless. My mind is always occupied with nonsense nd negative stuff,then at the end of the day i will remember that i did not pray nor read the bible,so this has really helped me a lot. Thank you so much,God truly bless you! Keep encouraging us as children of God cause honestly,this journey is not easy. Keep well. When I was younger I was with the Bible Ministry and we constantly had to remember Bible scriptures and read our Bible all the time and I was surrounded by Believers constantly. The word was being put in my mind. That childlike mentality. Then I entered the secular world and got distracted by clubs and music and having fun.

Even though I did not drink alcohol smoke cigarettes or do drugs I still got caught up in other things that pulled me away from my daily devotion to God. And this whole thing that I just read reminds me of renewing my mind. Put on the mind of Christ renew your mind constantly lest Satan should get advantage of us. Only because I allowed to Satan to distract me instead of me being faithful to God.

But God is faithful as long as I get my butt back in gear and get faithful I can see things getting better. And therefore putting our minds right with God means we have to work at it and it does get hard. Sometimes it gets discouraging because we have other things affecting us from our lives and we know that Satan does not want us to be successful so he will distract us with many fun things or other things that bring it down.

This is where we need to dig in and be more stubborn. If your sick, you turn to the section on healing and all you find are scriptures on healing. If you are depressed, then there will be a section of scriptures for tart, financial troubles, etc. There are sections so you can directly go to Confess, read, memorize, scripture for your particular situation. Thank you Jan for speaking the Word. Sometimes we may not want to hear it. That means We have to renew our minds and do it.

But We definitely need it! This website has completily changed my faith in a good way! Before i discoverd this website, i tried to fight the devil on my own. And i no logger fear the darkness whenever i og to bed, because i know that god said that i can sleep peacefully! I will definitly suggest this website to my friends! Thanks so much for this article. I have fibromyalgia and have learned a lot about its nature and how it stems from the mind and afflicts the body.

Of course he does not have a spiritual take on it. However, I still have quite a bit of body pain. I know the devil is involved in all of these issues, but wondered if you had any thoughts on the physical body pain originating from mental, well actually spiritual, issues. Let me know. Hello,be strong. Kyla, I want to encourage you to look deep into where your trials are coming from. I feels terrible to go through something with as little information as possible…like walking around in the dark. I did a couple of things to get through some of the toughest trials in my life. I asked myself where is this pain coming from???

I asked God to help me to forgive all of those people that contributed to that pain…I was very specific as to whom they were and what they did to me. I asked the Lord to take their debts from me and to do His will in Jesus name. Lastly I asked the Lord to send me the Holy Spirit to guide me through this turbulent time in my life and i begged him to talk to me and to tell me what he wanted me to do. I then read the word of God for instruction on what to do. I really hope this blesses you. I just lived everything i read here above…Thank you so mouch for telling us the truth.. Blessings from Sweden?

Only G. D knows why? I would like to deeply Thank God and the person who created all this good knowledge. Thank you so much for your help and support for this post and the time is here and there the time it took to set up all this. Your time and effort made a huge difference and it will inspire the whole world good and bad. Com thats how IT communicates. Gn zzzzzz…….. God bless me. Hi, Edwin, All glory be to God for whatever wisdom and knowledge you got here.

All I did was to put into a computer blog in a way that people who needed this help from God could find it. God bless u Mr Jan. Can the devil give a false joy-peace? I was I was having all these amazing signs cross my path, things on the radio, car plates, an incredible joy to work for God in the future…all things He calls us to do in the bible.

Check, check, check! Then in a matter of 10 seconds, it was all taken away completely. Its like the devil led me to fake-work for God, only to yank the rug out from under me and is laughing hysterically. Pray for healing for me? But it might make sense.

The devil has studied each of us. The demons can somehow influence our emotions and feelings. So long as you are focused on the world system, they know they will have you for eternity. This message is too powerful and direct! It spoke to me sincerely and blessed me tremendously. I would love a follow-up. Thanks and God bless you so much. I have nothing but love happiness and joy, for my jesus Christ, which I love with all my heart, mind,body,soul and strength. Ask yourself what extent you know God.

Everytime i lay on my knees to pray,i asked Him to take a way my pain rather than understanding why He is letting me go through such a circumstance. He did not say that christian walk would be easy rather that He would help us overcome whatever we come across. Even Jesus Christ asked God to take away the cup of suffering before he was arrested but still he concluded that not what he wants but what the will of God is,he felt the pain that your feeling now. And it is because i made God my bank and assistant to command and make sure He gives me what i want. Yes God gives but according to His will.

Thanks for your kind words, Suzanne! I want you and everyone to know that I pray for all of you every morning. God knows whom He sends to Word Blessing to find His truth proclaimed. I love Jesus around the world and back.. Please pray for my safety and protection the enemy is using my husband to hurt me and my daughteR.

Nothing Is as Boring as Everyone Agreeing With You

About this author. Christine Roy from Laguna Hills, Calif. I have been burned over 89 percent, 3rd degree, shot, stabbed, abandoned, died, brought back, divorced, mother, grandmother, lost 2 sons, disregarded, attacked regularly, defamed, drugs, overdosed twice, and am still here. At Edgbaston, left-handed opener Cook top-scored with 56 that took 85 balls and included a mere three fours in a total of all out,. Last week I was a victim of fear.

Be blessed in the name of Jesus? I need help please!!! Hello, Christopher, First of all: pay no attention to the lies of the devil. When you know the truth, whatever the devil says is not important. I urge you to discuss this with your parents or with adults you can trust and who know about Bible truth. I realy injoed what you rote and i tell my family and friends all the time to be posatuve in life so no matter what hapens in my life god takes care of it everything you sead was rite to me and i hope other people read it. I choose the lord Jesus Christ.. The devil had no place in my life. Thank your encouragement and strong faith.

I have to say I love what you are doing.. The word of God has helped me in many ways.. I asked,I believed,I loved and I surrendered.. I can not forget his love.. I have been going on for about a year without reading the bible.. And exploring the metaphysical world.. I am so very greatfull.. Thankyou for your service.. Her book has several pages of categories. Each category hss Bible verses targeted for that topic. Satan is attacking me by my finances. My Wife is a blessing, trying to comfort me through this.

Thanx for your words! God wants us to rely on his understanding not ours. Thank you so much for sharing! This was something that I really needed to hear. I appreciate it so much! And now I can apply it to my life. And may God continue to do a good work in you! Take care and God bless! I believe in God. I know he will always be my first and last love. I am a true believer in his word. Satan hates me. I continue to fight for strength every day. Some good thoughts you have but your a little bit deceived in my view! Kind of giving more homage to the devil then God Almighty himself in my opinion!

Thank You very Much, Sir. Now i Know how to stand more firm against Satan. More Grace. Thank you for this. I read every word. I started doubting God when I had a terrible nightmare about the devil and an Angel was there but the devil did his hardest to throw me off the Angel. I asked God within good faith to heal my blood pressure and I had believed he did and I even told my nurse I walk by faith not by sight and I even talked to my best friend about God and she had so many questions about God.

It field me with such joy. Then here came the devil in my dreams. My blood pressure was giving me false readings and losing my job. I still prayed and cryed to God for all of this. As I speak I am so down right now. But I pray everyday and cry to God and read my bible to keep fighting the devil off.

I would die for him. Dorothy Rodriguez. What keeps me going is knowing that what God has poured into me is helping others as I pour it out to readers whom I will likely never see until we are all in heaven. I will try by all means not to lose trust in God again by praying and reading the bible.

But I am not going to allow satan to take me out. Hi Smith, I enjoy your article. I pray for more wisdom to write more. Those thoughts are from the pit of hell, and the devil is trying to drag you down there. But the Word of God is devil repellent. Ask God to help you. Help me, help me, help me!!

Hello there Jan! You truly are one of his people! May glory be to Jesus Christ forever and ever, amen! We truly are in a battle, a spiritual battle with unseen forces of evil. We truly have authority in the might name of Jesus Christ, may to him be the glory forever and ever. I was once lost and was headed for hell, but in his love for me, he came after me and showed me the truth, I praise Jesus Christ for all he has done!

Thank you once again for your work being a faithful servant of God. I know for sure we will one day meet up in heaven and Jesus Christ will share his majestic glory and complete love with us believers and servants of God! I once was a notorious sin severed in the Devils Army of death and destruction for 22 years.

God knew my life and even tho I was a big sinner I also was a great worrier for the wrong cause. I fought the devil and won my first battle with his the evil devil himself. He had been attacking me for a long time but at the time I did not know it , but the more I read and reached the word of God which was to attack him and all the evil he has brought on everyone I was going to exspose him for he really was.

That I did and he was sick of it. So he showed his face to me in away you could not imagine. That I will keep undercover but only share in public due to I want everything one to be taught by it. Help somehow the devil got me to think against God and think he was against me and now I am stuck on enemy side and want back on God sidebut he got me to think evil and leave God.

I just wrote a private e-mail for some very needed help. As I read these comments I see that I could have just joined in the blog. You all are very much in my prayers, As I read, I see how we all are struggling and we are very blessed to have Mr. Please know how grateful I am to all of you for sharing. Smith, I know when I hear back from you I will have wonderful advise. In the meantime, I am feeling more calm and peaceful by searching around your site. Blessings to all. There is one way- Make Jesus Christ Lord of your life. God will clean you out and all things will become new again.

The devil will bluff and hastle you for a time but this is only to get you to turn back.. I know………been there done………. Blessings Jim. I am a fearful child of GOD. And I fear the Holy Spirit. I pray that GOD takes me out into the world and find Him and stay on the right path and just be around people like me. I like to be social with different kinds of people.

Christian young youths like myself so I can stay on task and I can continue understanding, believing, trusting, and loving the Lord. Greetings Jan, I beleive that man is not sovereign unto himself and must need an overlord or another words — we get out thoughts or thoughts influenced by either God or satan. No sir I beleive we are getting our thoughts from one or the other………….. Here are a few other things I know: Satan hates you; Jesus loves you.

Satan wants you to be tied in knots of fear, worry, doubt and torment; Jesus offers you His peace. Satan cares nothing about you; God wants you to know Him; Satan strives to take you to hell; Jesus lives to intercede for you in heaven. I could to on and on, but the point is: you have the freedom to reject God. Satan wants to keep you in bondage that is like hell on earth. You get to choose.


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And by the way: doing nothing is the same as choosing the devil. To God be the Glory. Awesome read, will definitely apply it to my life. Greetings from Downunder. The bible says that any man who calls in the name of the Lord shall be saved. Believe…believe Jesus came and lived and that he died on that cross and was risen from the dead and God will save your soul. He holds the keys to death hell and the grave and he is the final judge! God is merciful and his wish is to forgive you and keep you from hell.

That is how you can break your commitment to satan!! Read the bible, he speaks through his word. Look around you, look in the mirror, your not an accident and he has a purpose for your life. What do you have to lose?? Other than your eternal soul. He loves YOU!! He is REAL! I dont believe in anything anymore. My 6 year old is always preaching the word of God and gets bullied by others. I prayed for help for 1 almost 2 years. Spent quiet time with God, read my bible and when i need help the most, utterly silent..

I read my bible as source of comfort, prayed 10 times a day for help. If He is so powerful why let us pray for years and do nothing. I completely changed my life, active member in the church and now.. No word. Im really fed up. I know what you mean when you ask why God seems silent. A few years ago I watched helplessly as my son-in-law took his last breath.

He died, leaving my daughter a widow. When you read the book of Job, you see how to respond. Job lost everything, including his business, his servants, even his ten children. God has so much confidence in you right now! When I was four years old, I had to have my tonsils taken out. There were complications in how my throat was healing, and my parents had to take me back to the hospital. I was scared. I remember being on this table with my mouth wide open while the doctor cleared out a some gross stuff from my throat.

I was screaming and writhing in terror! At one point, the doctor still had to put in a few stitches in order to close up the area he had cleared of blood clots. Simple tailoring for him, but I was freaking out in terror. It will hurt, but then it will be all over. I need you to be still and stop twisting and screaming. Do you think you can do that? What he was doing was hurting me, but it would help me once he was done.

So I nodded yes. So the doctor continued. He was right; it hurt. But he kept reassuring me as he went along. And then he was done! God loves you.