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He wants to love and wants to feel love in return and seeing him and Jes both find that with each other was very satisfying. I want him happy. He and Lucy seem to have some friction happening at the end, but we the readers have no idea why…yet. I enjoyed seeing Dex, a rough around the edges kind of guy, and Jes, struggle but ultimately find happiness and a family in way neither one ever expected to possible.

How much longer can Zeph stomach his undercover mission? Will Lucy and Cy find happiness together, or just continue to shoot daggers at one another? Of course I've always been drawn to the emotionally damaged bad boy with the gooey middle LOL! Anyways, I couldn't wait to read his book.

I wanted to know if I was right about him. I'm pleased to say that I was! Virna DePaul did not disappoint with him or this book! Dex Hunt may be the quintessential bad boy 4. Dex Hunt may be the quintessential bad boy but he's a good soul. Sure it's not like he didn't gain anything from their agreement but that wasn't why he helped her.

He did it because she was his friend. I found it excellent that Virna wrote their "key" scene in such a detached manner. We learned in earlier books that as a werebeast Dex was looked down upon - even more so than the other Otherborn. In Chosen by Sin we also learn that he is ignorant of the fact that he was at the center of an age old prophesy.

It was said that he could gift immortality. Could it be true? Jesmina would stop at nothing to find out. When we first met in Jesmina in Chosen by Fate I thought she'd be a cool addition to the team. Her knowledge about Otherborn was something that would benefit them greatly. I quickly changed my mind though. After reading Chosen By Blood I had all these notions of vampiric honor.

I soon realized that though Jes carried herself with honor she was very fond of bending the rules in her favor. I hated that she so easily justified her actions. The fact that DePaul managed to do it in such a way that it impacted no only Jesmina but also Dex and their relationship, and in such a smooth way, absolutely floors me. Chosen by Sin is chock full of good things. It's got unwavering devotion, lots of action, betrayal and good old fashioned sexual intensity.

This is one book that you will not want to miss! Some wayward thoughts That subject matter is something that I truly admire about these books. The only way to beat the bigotry that's out there is to keep people aware of it. Even if it's talked about in fictitious terms. I want them all together again even if I get the reason why they're fractured. Something has to happen there. Is she still thinking that there's no one out there for her?

What about her feelings on sterilization? Jan 05, Stephanie G rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed-read-by-stephanie , reviewed-read-by-athenna. Dex had never been good at being a team player but for some reason he found it satisfying to be part of the Para-Ops team. Not that he would admit it but he thought of the other team members as family. Better than family since his family abandoned him. Since their last assignment he had gotten especially close to Lucy the mage-cat shifter in the group. Lucy was having double controlling her heat so Dex decided he would help her through it , this only became difficult once he met the sexy vam Dex had never been good at being a team player but for some reason he found it satisfying to be part of the Para-Ops team.

Lucy was having double controlling her heat so Dex decided he would help her through it , this only became difficult once he met the sexy vampire Jess. She aroused him in ways no one had ever done. But when she helped Lucy run away he was furious with her and intended to give her a piece of his mind instead he may have wound up giving her a piece of his heart. So when Malone told him he need to go to Europe and talk to the shifters there , he jumped at the chance knowing he could see Jess again.

But once she met him things became a little more difficult. For the first time in her life, she took something for her self with out any regard for her research or for anyone else. So she let it all be put on hold and took Dex, but in the morning her duties reared there ugly head. She would hold every minute, touch and kiss in her memory for ever. But once she returned home she found out someting so shocking she had no choice but to find Dex and bring him to her.

But if he found out what she did and who she was hiding from him she just may lose him for ever. This may have been my favorite book in the Para-Ops series.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Incredibly well-written, different, and hot."? --NYT Bestselling Author Larissa Ione "Virna DePaul is amazing! Chosen by Blood is a . For now, werebeast Dex Hunt serves on the Para-Ops team, but his true . with each book that I read, so I am so happy to have stumbled on Chosen By Sin.

At first i really wanted Lucy and Dex together, i had a hard time wrapping my head around her and Dex with no strings attached, then Dex finding some one else. I felt it would hurt Lucy but the way Verna writes it , it is perfect i couldn't have asked for a better way for it to play out.

Dex is the perfect alpha male. All tortured past, hard, stubborn and sexy. Jess and Dex are explosive together, you can feel the heat rise of the pages when these two are together. Virna out did her self on this one. I was glued to this book the entire time i only put it down to use the restroom. I recommended this read fully but you must read the first two first or this will not have the same meaning to you.

If its who i think it is i will be soo excited. Dec 20, Christi Snow rated it it was amazing. I don't have room on my review schedule on my blog to post this until Jan. My Review: I was so looking forward to this third installment to the Para Ops series and I was not let down. At first, I was worried when I realized that Dex wasn't going to be paired up with Lucy, but I loved him and Jes together Virna DePaul has created such an incredible world within this se I don't have room on my review schedule on my blog to post this until Jan. Virna DePaul has created such an incredible world within this series that I just love.

This book belonged to Dex half-were shifter from the Para Ops team and Jes vampire doctor with another agenda. There is so much that Jes is hiding in this book and even though I knew that it would all work out in the end, it was really emotional getting to there. I just adore Dex's character. When someone enters his life that he cares for, he is completely loyal and protective of that person.

There are some horrible circumstances from his childhood which have made him become this completely protective person that is so attractive. The scenes with the little seven year old Ella that completely melted my heart. Then there is Jes, who has withstood so much loss, and as a doctor, is just trying to find a solution.

I certainly did not always agree with her methods, but in her heart, her actions were for the right reasons. There are so many little details to this book, like little Ella, which made it so good. Mahone and the glimpses of the Goddess and the developing feelings between them I cannot wait to see what Virna DePaul does with that story line over the series. Then there is Cy His attitude towards his very short life I like where that is going! In addition there was a whole new species of otherworlders added to the mix I hope that we get to see a LOT more of these dragon shifters in the future.

I am assuming that Lucy's book is next, but there is talk of adding more to the team. I cannot wait to see where this series is headed.

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It is such a good series! If you like paranormal, this series needs to be in your TBR pile!! Feb 11, Morgan Wyatt rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal , romance. I consider the book a 4. It is not a sweet romantic tale of thwarted love between the species, nor does it involve sparkling vampires, what the series does have is hard hitting action, clever plot twists, and major heat. Dex Hunt is a were bea I consider the book a 4. Dex Hunt is a were beast without family ties after being ejected from the pack as a youngster by his grandfather. This early cruelty stays with him, hounding him, begging for revenge, which he may find soon.

Could it be a plot to destroy the fragile peace between the species? Jesamina Martin knows almost percent that Dex Hunt is the one. As a specially trained doctor and vampire, she needs blood to determine if Dex is the one the prophecies mention. If so he may be able to save her adopted people the Draci, who only live thirty years.

Getting close to him, and convincing him to give a blood sample might be a problem. It can only end badly, especially when he finds out that she is working for the man he hates the most. The Otherborn, as the non-human species are called are both the bad, and the good guys, but then are so are the humans. Everyone holds secrets that they refused to share; secrets that could be fatal. The fate of earth hangs in the balance as the Para-Ops team tries to discover who is behind the shape-shifter killings and the raising of evil spirits.

The Other are not comic book characters, but fully fleshed out individuals with complicated motivations, fears, and needs.

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Their resistance to each is real and for all the right reasons. The characters come alive. Dec 20, Vanessa theJeepDiva rated it it was amazing Shelves: , request , ebook , paranormal-romance. Shifters have begun killing each other. The shifters have always been the Otherborn that the world knows the least about. In an attempt to see this race have more peace and possibly become better rooted into human society Mahone and the Para-Ops team become involved.

This assignment sends Dex to France and back into the arms of the woman he had believed to be a one night stand. I picked him out as my favorite character while reading Chosen by Blood. I love shifters and charact Shifters have begun killing each other. I love shifters and characters with pasts that have left them damaged always lure me in too. He did not disappoint. The readers finally get to know exactly who Dex wants revenge on and why. That was a very interesting part of the story. The reasons as to why Dex ended up spending his childhood in a were orphanage and not in the loving arms of his mother is very tragic.

Dex goes into his newest assignment with gusto knowing that he will soon get to have his revenge. Jes was introduced in Chosen by Fate. She is a scientist trying to help the Otherborn she has lived around her whole life. I liked her. She brings her own damaged baggage into the fray and owns it. She wants to save her family and there is almost nothing she will not do to see that it happens. She also brought out a different side of Dex. Reading Dex evolve into someone who can care about others and himself was incredible.

Readers are not only introduced to some new characters, but a fascinating race of Otherborn is also introduced. I cannot wait to see where Virna goes with the Draci. Jun 11, Readsalot81 rated it did not like it Shelves: urban-fantasy , dreadful. Poorly formatted, formulaic, predictable, and a TSTL heroine. Full out LOL worthy love scenes.

Dex: Chosen by Sin

Really, don't compare a man's penis to a metal pipe. Just DON'T. The heroine lies to the hero again and again.. I'm all for conflict between the two main characters, but all of the surrounding drama felt contrived and asinine. There is a particular plot point in which the hero does not want a certain something to occur and it's stressed how much he goes to extreme le Poorly formatted, formulaic, predictable, and a TSTL heroine.

There is a particular plot point in which the hero does not want a certain something to occur and it's stressed how much he goes to extreme lengths to avoid this but of course, the UNWANTED thing occurs.. There's another scene where the hero is with his fuck buddy, but starts imagining our fair heroine. In all honesty, I'm pretty sure this is pretty realistic to some degree, but it still is a turn off.

They're not really banging the women they want. I have to admit, this does not endear me towards the characters. It actually evokes a fair amount of disgust. The love scenes were either giggle or cringe worthy. Between the two main characters, I didn't feel any emotion other than lust and so it felt rather unbelievable when the author tried to make it seem like it was so much more. The heroine's actions and how she kept lying to the hero made the romance just that much harder to swallow. The fact that she never came clean, only tried to explain when her actions were outed.

That's not how you treat someone if you love them. I really liked the world building and ideas that set in these books rather than the actual characters. I enjoyed the last two books, but I wasn't wowed by any of the characters. I loved it! Love Dex Dex's story was entertaining and fast paced.. Even the sto I loved it! Even the storyline with Mahone and the Goddess.. This is a series that, for me, has gotten better with each book and i'm really hoping that there are quite a few more to come.. Still so many questions and possibilities! Can't wait to see what Virna Depaul has in store for us next!

Dec 02, Mara rated it did not like it Shelves: freebies , pnr. I didn't think I could like a sequel less than the first book in a series, but Chosen by Sin proved me wrong.

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Weeks later, they are reunited in France and forced to acknowledge a fragile miracle - a new life struggling to survive. How to write a great review. Dann jedoch hat er sie bei einem Footballspiel in Looking forward to the new one! Still, he was the best marksman in the nation, human or Other. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

There's still a very shallow world-building and the characters are worse than their counterpart in Chosen by Blood. It may have a plot, but I couldn't get out of my dislike of the romance and characters. He is simply unbelievable. You do not spend an eternity hating and taking one definite decision to accept change so easily. Yes, he rages. No more. He's way to I didn't think I could like a sequel less than the first book in a series, but Chosen by Sin proved me wrong. He's way too accepting to become real. I do not see a struggle to overcome his past, his hatred etc.

I see the words, but can't feel them. She is everything I despise in a woman, lying, manipulative to the extreme, unable to stand on her own feet. You really don't see how they came to love each other. Vanessa N. Hope you enjoy CBS and thank you for following the tour. Thank you! I had help putting the tour together but it definitely has taken hours and hours to pull together and keep up with. But it's all been worth it, so I hope to do something similar in the future. And hopefully readers will respond as well as you all have. Hope you get to try the series!

Take care, V Cathy M - I think it's mine, too! Glad you enjoyed it, Cathy. I hired a very talented designer, but since I had a very clear idea of what I wanted, we worked closely together. It was a great experience. Good luck with the giveaway! Blue Shedevil - What an incredible compliment. Thank you so much for all your participation and support! Hi Virna! Happy Fri! Sorry to see the tour come to an end. I've had a great time and enjoyed visiting Blogs that I have never been to before. I can't wait to read Dex's story! Thanks for the opportunity to win. It has been so much fun following the tour--learning more about you through your resolutions and more about your book and the characters.

I tried to post a comment several times on yesterday's blog stop but the comments would never load in. I wanted to comment on your resolution to cut back on online shopping bingeing. It can be addictive, can't it? Sometimes I put things into online shopping carts and I just stop and think: NO LOL catherinelee[at]gmail[.

His final resolution, resolution 12, is to take everything he's learned so far and free fall one hundred percent into life and love.

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I look forward in continuing this series; it's great. Thanks, Tracey D booklover at gmail dot com. Barb P Happy Friday! Thanks for your support and good luck! Catherine Lee - Glad you've enjoyed it! And sorry you had problems commenting yesterday! Enjoyed the tour Virna, thanks for sharing all the Dex snippets!

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Good luck to everyone with the giveaways! I love Dex's Resolution 12, that's wonderful. I'm really looking forward to getting started on this series, it sounds fantastic. Stephanie A Wow. Those are both awesome resolutions! I really wish you all the best in achieving all of yours! Thank you for sharing! Blackwydow gmail. Great snippet. I enjoyed the tour and learning more about the book. Now that it is almost over..

Congratulations on the book! I enjoyed following your tour and reading yours and Dex's resolutions. Dex's resolution is to take everything he's learned so far and free fall one hundred percent into life and love.

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That's actually a great resolution. I can imagine Dex doing it, too! I can hardly wait to read this book. Dex's final resolution is my favorite, because it wiould be impossible without the other Amazing job!! Totally loved this tour! Thanks to all of you!! Fill out the Rafflecopter form to enter the daily giveaway! Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. There is tension on the team not just between humans and Otherborn; each race has to grapple with their own fears and biases even as they try to work towards peace in the nation as a whole.

Can you tell us when this book is scheduled to be released and a little bit about what we can expect in this book? Who this book will be about? Dex used to ride with a biker gang of werebeasts, called the Ferals, but broke from the gang after he killed one of its members. We know he was abandoned by his family and sent to live at a school for cast-off werebeasts, that he and the other boys were abused at the school, and that he joined the Para-Ops team for one purpose—to get revenge on this grandfather.

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Dex is hard-edged and a loner, but as we see in Chosen By Fate, he is giving and loyal to those he cares about, including Lucy. What can we expect as the series progresses? I would love to write more if readers are willing to stick with me. The next book in the series, tentatively titled Shades Of Temptation, comes out October of , and focuses on other SIG characters introduced in Book 1. A great benefit of being a writer is getting to meet readers and all the wonderful professionals who keep us connected.

If you would like to find out more about Virna and her books, you can visit her at any of the sites below.

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