Blossom Winters Is Driving on the Los Angeles Freeways and Other Short Stories

Los Angeles County, California
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Distributed by New Day Films, Yale University, English and Theater Arts, cum laude, I had been reading about young women from Europe who were radicalized and travelling to Syria to join Jihadi husbands, but I was confused by the reports. They seemed simplistic, contradictory and ultimately sensational. I wondered, who were these young women, really? What motivated them to leave their families and countries and make a perilous journey into a quasi-state that openly declared a retrograde attitude towards women?

It was important for me in the writing of the script to focus very clearly on their relationship, and to explore this very special kind of love, the love between two sisters. While I am using a gender lens to explore war, terrorism and specific current events, this is really the backdrop. How do we get it, feel it, keep it?

As a single mother of a teen-age son, I am also curious about this deep sense of disillusionment and abandonment young people are feeling worldwide. Humiliation and lack of hope are lethal fodder for violence, the more they feel alienated, the more they are going to be attracted to extreme forms of allegiance. Good films for me are reservoirs of meaning, and their complexity is the reason for their success: they retain an endless potential for reinterpretation. I want my film to be more of a question than a conclusion. I look forward to bringing this powerful and true story to a global audience.

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But perhaps its greatest single flaw is one it shares with other eco-friendly de-icers, including CMA: cost. In general, potassium acetate costs about eight times more than salt. Solar roads: One alternative to de-icing chemicals altogether is the concept of roads that de-ice themselves.

The idea is still in its infancy, but it involves solar panels on roads, which either heat up the road surface itself, or heat up fluid-filled tubes inside the road. This costs more to build than a traditional highway, but advocates say it would pay for itself by cutting the costs of de-icing and accident response. Hotel style suite with full modern designer bathroom. Private entrance and space no access to main home.

Brand new construction, large hotel style suite with full modern designer bathroom. Very quiet and tranquil neighborhood on the cliffs of Playa del Rey. A true place of peace and relaxation.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Albert Zimbler grew up on the West Side of Chicago and Blossom Winters Is Driving on the Los Angeles Freeways and Other Short Stories - Kindle edition by Albert Zimbler. Download Blossom Winters Is Driving on the Los Angeles Freeways and Other Short Stories Kindle Edition. by. Blossom Winters Is Driving on the Los Angeles Freeways and Other Short Stories [Albert Zimbler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Ultimate luxury awaits you by LAX. Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, this newly built luxury apartment has Starbucks, Chipotle and full-sized Market attached to the building Very Convenient. The apartment rooftop lounge area offers an exclusive city view and have great amenities. I am renting out a spacious studio with two beds. One queen size bed, one sofa bed. The neighborhood is a very safe area whereas some other Downtown areas might be a bit dangerous.

Show all. Things to do in Los Angeles. Hike Runyon Canyon with a rescue dog. Ultimate Whale and Dolphin Watching! Hit the town with a Hollywood actress. Popular homes. Beautiful loft unit with all the amenities you can imagine. Amazing location within walking distance to all the DTLA hot spots.

Salt saves lives on icy roads but not in nearby ecosystems.

Here are a few worthwhile stops on the major routes into the park:. Happily, as can happen only in the Twilight Zone, trust and understanding grow and everything works out in the end. Script Language:. What to know: The hillsides along Sand Canyon Road near Crafton Hills College have been bursting with bright yellow early-season flowers. When you see a Hinckley, you know it.

Prime location and near frwys. Free Parking in secure gated garage. Conveniently located in Downtown Los Angeles. It's just minutes from all mass transportation. You don't have to walk too far to enjoy a bite to eat. Grab your morning coffee from Starbucks just across the street. Its unique location gives you have peace and quiet in the apartment, yet you're only minutes away from lounges, clubs, restaurants and bars. Wireless internet access included with rental.

Simply turn on the Roku via the Roku remote and click the Netflix button to access! All building amenities are subject to availability. I am an excellent host, who delivers on everything that I show and promise. I also only want excellent guests, who understand that they have to be respectful of my apartment, my neighbors and my building staff. Settle into historic Hollywood in our brand new 1 Bedrooms 1 Bath Apartment, Fits 2 comfortably Open to 3 - quiet and relaxing apt , feels like a 5star hotel.

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We enjoy hosting guests. This is our actual home, we set up the room specifically for you. So please be respectful and follow our house rules. We clean the room and sheets between guests, always! No hidden camera, we respect your privacy. Within mins drive to Sunset Blvd. Shopping, groceries, and restaurants are all within walking distance. We have a parking space. Parking is first-come, first-serve basis. Street parking is also available. Please read the parking sign carefully. This spacious room has a private bathroom, a queen bed, a tv, and a closet.

There are plenty of windows for ample natural light. This room has a lock for your privacy and security. The area designated by the city of Los Angeles as Thai Town is a six-block area flanking Hollywood Boulevard between Normandie Avenue and Western Avenue, its entrances being marked by two statues of apsonsi a mythical half human, half lion angel in Thai folklore.

The district has been the home to immigrant groups, including Armenians and Latinos, for a long time, and Thai Americans began settling there in the s. The area, which is home to many of the 80, Thais estimated to be living in Southern California. W5- Private Studio in Hollywood. This beautiful loft will make you feel right at home and give you a taste of that city life with a calming and breezy atmosphere! Located in the heart of Downtown, LA you will have access to the finest restaurants, bars, nightlife, LA Live, Staple Center and much, much more right outside your door step.

This sq ft loft offers floor to ceiling windows that add plenty of natural light and warmth to the space! Queen sized bed with memory foam mattress is the perfect sleep for those there for business or pleasure. The historic DTLA area is bustling Hotspot with plenty of trendy lounges, bars, restaraunts, museums and art galleries. Blocks away from LA Live City Breeze Suite. A luxury apartment at the heart of Downtown Los Angeles with great location!

You will not regret staying at my place! You will be staying at a studio with one queen bed and one sofa bed. Amenities at the apartment is amazing See pictures with 24hr gym and parking! Sunny and comfortable studio apartment with private parking centrally located in a culturally Salvadorean residential neighborhood of Los Angeles. Conventional center is literally within walking distance. Hollywood and Downtown LA only a 10 minute drive away!

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I look forward to welcoming couples, solo adventurers, and business travelers from all backgrounds! Pots, pans, cutlery, and flatware are all included. The full bathroom with shower is stocked with towels and a hairdryer. For your convenience, there is shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Larchmount Village is less than 10 minutes and west 3rd street. Pico Union Station is 1 mile away. Real luxury for Downtown LA:. The coziest studio apartment, the absolute best location and free parking!

Just a couple things that I think are really important to be aware of before moving forward: 1 There is a property close by that is under construction. I unfortunately can't do anything about this situation. This apartment would be best for people who plan on being up and exploring the city by am. So sorry for the inconvenience but this is beyond my control.

Standard sedans, compact vehicles, and small cross-overs fit best. The parking area and the driveway to get to the parking area is narrow and close quarters. Larger vehicles likely will not fit and if they do they may inconvenience the neighbors getting in and out of their parking spots. If you book my place with a large vehicle, you will be responsible on finding your own parking which is difficult in Hollywood. I'm sorry but this is not negotiable. If you require an early checkin or late checkout it may be best to look for another Airbnb that can better meet your needs.

Also, I do not store bags. That being said, this apartment really only works out great for a certain type of traveler. The low maintenance traveler who is not sensitive to noise. The person who just needs a clean place to crash for the night, plans to be out and about exploring all day and would like to be in the middle of everything at a fantastic price.

This is an old building with old fixtures. The AC unit works quite well but it is not central and it is noisy. The windows face the wall of the building next door so even though the apartment gets light enough for plants to grow , it is not the brightest and not direct.

I am trying to be as honest and transparent as possible and all of these things are taken into account when pricing the apartment. If any of the things I listed are a problem for you, please do not book this apartment. Spend a little more or find something a little further out distance wise to the strip in your price range that you would be happy with. This property prides itself on its superb location of being surrounded by retail outlets, bars, restaurants, movie studios, theaters and transportation facilities Metro subway station and bus stop across the street.

It is also one of the few apartments in the area that has parking available and even more rare The space it's self is a cozy large studio with a full bathroom and kitchen including a microwave and coffee maker. The sleeping area holds a queen bed that sleeps two. I would like to point out that this is an older building built in the 's. The apartment is lovely but the building, appliances and fixtures are not what you would find in a new state of the art building and I would ask that you please keep this in mind when booking. Also, the boulevard can be noisy from time to time. Some people hear street noise and others don't.

Also something to keep in mind. Please see past reviews. Please take this into consideration before booking. You'll love how close you are to everything at this location! I see famous people all the time! Within blocks: -The Selma and Cahuenga hot spot where more of the locals hang out. You'll simply love how close you are to everything at this location! Our fully equipped independent studio is located in the Highland Park, the historic neighborhood in Northeast Los Angeles. The studio is good for couples, solo adventurers, business travelers, and furry friends pets.

Its boundaries are roughly the Arroyo Seco Parkway California Route on the southeast, the city limits of Pasadena on the northeast, Oak Grove Drive on the north, and Avenue 51 on the west. Primary thoroughfares include York Boulevard and Figueroa Street. House With The Blue Door. Private full bathroom with tub and shower. Flat screen TV, cable Dish , wireless access. Mini fridge no kitchen and microwave. Access to shared patio. Limited Tandem parking available in drive way. Usually space but not guaranteed. No limitations on street parking!!

Laundry in the main house can be used upon request. After a welcome and walk through, I tend to leave you to do your own thing, however always available by phone, text or email for questions, concerns and suggestions!!

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Conveniently located close to the center of Hollywood with all its amenities, Farmers markets, bars, restaurants and attractions. Easy access to freeway. Public transport includes numerous bus routes and the Subway. There are pets in the building. Please no allergies!! Set in the heart of Old Hollywood, the studio is within walking distance of many of the Hollywood attractions. Paramount studios are just round the corner. We are on the borders of Larchmont village where it is easy to walk to shops, restaurants and the Farmers Market on Sunday.

We also have great hiking trails in Hollywood Prime Hollywood studio. Charming private room in duplex with friendly host on quiet street. Centrally located in West Hollywood, close to world-class shopping, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Major transit lines nearby. Centrally located to studios.

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Parking is included. Central air and heat. Coffee and tea provided!