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Urban Development in Tuscany. Land Uptake and Landscapes Changes
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Protecting children on the move from violence abuse and exploitation. Children and unsafe migration in Europe: Data and policy, understanding the evidence base Oxfam media brifing Grandi speranze alla deriva — 8 settembre Policies, practices and data on unaccompanied minors in the EU Member States and Norway. Marco Accorniti — Policies and practices on unaccompanied minors in Italy. Anno Statistiche aggiornate mensilmente. Roma, giugno Studi e statistiche. Anno e precedenti Nota semestrale sul mercato del lavoro degli stranieri in Italia.

Luglio Immigrazione. Studi e statistiche Sesto rapporto annuale.

The significance of immigration to mountain areas

I migranti nel mercato del lavoro in Italia. Luglio Quinto rapporto annuale. Rapporti annuali Il mercato del lavoro. Verso una lettura integrata. I profili dei nuovi imprenditori e delle imprese high growth.

Novembre Condizioni di vita, reddito e carico fiscale delle famiglie. Dicembre Rapporto Annuale Stat I. Sezione Lavoro e Retribuzioni. Aggiornamenti sezione lavoro e retribuzioni Prodotti editoriali. Dicembre Rapporto annuale. Dicembre Statistiche in breve — Anno Novembre Anni Statistiche in breve — Anno Anni Satistiche in breve — Anno Giugno Lavoratori domestici Osservatorio sui lavoratori domestici.

Anni — XVI Rapporto annuale. Luglio Rapporto sulla coesione sociale e precedenti Rapporti su immigrazione e previdenza e precedenti Area Lavoratori migranti. Capitolo 6. La presenza straniera in Italia e il ruolo degli immigrati nello sviluppo economico. Maggio Rapporto sulla conoscenza in Italia. Edizione Portale Unico dei Dati della Scuola Gli alunni con cittadinanza non italiana.

Novembre Gli alunni stranieri nel sistema scolastico italiano — a. Marzo Anno e precedenti. This claim is confirmed by the survey responses, who. However, people who agree the most with the slogan declare that they would not vote in the next elections This constitutes a clear indicator of the malcontent towards the Sicilian political class. This lack of trust, in turn, is in line with the last regional elections of.

As Kitshelt maintains, the far right will be more likely to thrive, if there is a general malcontent for the political system, which generates a political vacuum for the radical right to emerge. This finding seems to apply to the Sicilian case, where a malcontent towards the political class is ingrained among people and a new radical right party, Il Sud con Salvini, seems to have emerged. This proves the elevated probability that the increased influx of immigrants to Sicily accompanied by a malcontent towards Sicilian politics, is contributing to the rise of the far right on the Island in the next regional elections.

Conclusion This paper, representing a relevant contribution to both the study of the impact immigrants have on Sicilians and on the Sicilian radical right, demonstrated the likeliness that the increased flux of non-EU immigrants in Sicily is contributing to the rise of the far right on the Island. The survey confirmed the initial hypothesis that a correlation between number of immigrants on the Island and electoral success of the Sicilian far right may exist, as the respondents, although they are tolerant and open towards immigrants, seem to perceive them as an economic threat.

The fact that immigrants constitute not a real economic threat, but a perceived one does not seem to be a strong enough objection undermining the plausibility of the initial hypothesis, that the number of immigrants in Sicily contributed to the rise of the radical right on the Island. The plausibility of this hypothesis appears strengthened by a general malcontent for the current political system as the surveyed displayed. Hence, it appears to be likely that the increased influx of immigrants in Sicily is actually contributing to the rise of the far right on the Island.

Such a finding, although it cannot be generalised, acquires relevance, as Sicily has been historically multicultural, multi-. References Andrijasevic, R. Avola, M. BSA Survey Cole, J.

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Consoli, M. D'Agata, R. Finley, M. IDOS Lanci di uova dai contestatori. ISMU Unemployment Rate in Sicily. Kitschelt, H. Knigge, P. Lubbers, M. European Sociological Review, 17 4 , pp. Nascimbene, B. Nello Musumeci Carta dei Valori. Elezioni Regionali della Sicilia. Available at:. Elezioni amministrative Reginali.

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Elezioni Regionali 28 ottobre Sicilia. Ruzza, C. Sbraccia, A. Stephan, W. Van Spanje, J. Elezioni Regionali in Sicilia del Appendix - Sicilian Socio-Political Attitudes This appendix includes an English translation of the online survey circulated, a screenshot and link to the article publicising the survey on TempoStretto.

The aim of this survey is observing Sicilian political preferences and social attitudes with a view to the next Sicilian Regional Elections. Data collected through the survey will be treated and analysed according to privacy regulations and they will be eliminated, right after the analysis. Completing this survey, you are voluntarily consenting to have your data treated and analysed according to the aforementioned conditions. Please ladies and gentlemen read carefully the instructions before completing the survey. To answer the questions, please select for each question, the option you choose.

On behalf of the University of Manchester, many thanks to the Ladies and Gentlemen for their collaboration. Survey Questionnaire Page 2 of the online survey : Personal Information 1. Do you reside in Sicily? Yes B. Age: A. Under 18 B. Over 65 3. Sex A. Have you completed your education? If you answered Yes to question 4, what is your qualification: A. University Degree B. High School Degree C. None of the above. If you answered No to question 4, are you presently A. High School Student B. University Student C.

I am not a Student D. None of the above 7. Are you presently? Unemployed B. Employed Occasionally. Employed Fulltime 8. Do you consider yourself A. Working Class B. Lower Middle Class C. Upper Middle Class D. Upper Class E. If the Sicilian Regional elections happened tomorrow would you vote for: A. A Coalition of the left led by Rosario Crocetta B. A Coalition of the right led by Nello Musumeci C.

Five Star Movement D. Sicily with Salvini E. Other Parties. In general, how close do you feel to immigrants? By close we mean how much you have in common with them. Among the immigrant population i. Chinese, Indians, Africans. Yes, the Chinese are better B. Yes, the Indians are better. Yes, the Africans are better D. None of the above is better than the others It is probable that many immigrants will remain in Sicily and marry Sicilians. What do you think of this?

Emigrants and Immigrants Select the sentence you agree with the most: A. Immigrants contribute to the development of Italy through their work and culture B. Immigrants take all our resources and we suffer as a consequence. According to you, is Sicilian emigration to the north and to America comparable to immigration from Africa and Asia? Yes: they are the same thing. No: Italians contributed to the economy of the countries they immigrated to, while Africans and Asians, on the other hand, do not.

Politics and Immigrants Evaluate this claim. Previsioni IRPET a. Rapporto sul turismo in Toscana. La congiuntura IRPET b. Il Sistema rurale toscano tra congiuntura e struttura alla vigilia della nuova programmazione. Rapporto Irwin, E. The evolution of urban sprawl: Evidence of spatial heterogeneity and increasing land fragmentation. PNAS, 52 , ISPRA Lambin, E. The causes of land-use and land-cover change: moving beyond the myths.

Global Environmental Change, 11, Lowry, I. World Urbanization in Perspective. Population and Development Review, 16, Magherini, C. Mas, J.

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Water Science and Technology, 37 11 , Paolinelli, G. Esperienze di pianificazione paesaggistica regionale in Italia e indicazioni per il PIT. Poli ed. Verso il nuovo piano paesaggistico della Toscana pp. Firenze: Firenze University Press. Atlante della Regione Toscana e pianificazione paesaggistica. Urbanistica, , Pileri, P. Appunti per una proposta di legge. Sustainable planning?

Abbronzati al sole di Napoli: sette storie di immigrazione senza stereotipi

First results in land uptakes in rural, natural and protected areas: the Lombardia case study Italy. Journal of Land Use Science, 5 2 , Regione Toscana Uso e copertura del suolo della Regione Toscana. Firenze: Regione Toscana. Retrieved from www. Reid, J. Sharecropping in history and theory. Agricultural History, 49 2 , — Regina, F. La popolazione a Firenze. Firenze: Comune di Firenze. Rinaldi, M. Recent channel adjustments in alluvial rivers of Tuscany, Central Italy.

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Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 28 6 , Romano, B. Models of urban land use in Europe assessment tools and criticalities. Land Use Policy, 38, Dai modelli trasformativi alla politica per il suolo: riflessioni su mezzo secolo di eventi. Reticula, 7, Geografie e modelli di 50 anni di consumo di suolo in Italia.