Solomon's Seal
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Common Name: Solomon's seal. Type: Herbaceous perennial. Family: Asparagaceae. Height: 2. Spread: 0.

How to Plant a Solomon’s Seal

Bloom Time: April to May. Bloom Description: White.

Sun: Part shade to full shade. Water: Medium to wet. Maintenance: Low. Garden locations. Culture Easily grown in moist, humusy, organically rich, well-drained soils in part shade to full shade. Problems No serious insect or disease problems.

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Try your green thumb at these varieties:. View More Plants. Hanging from the leaf axils on an arching stem are a few often 2 greenish-white, bell-like flowers. Plants enjoy woodland conditions, and associate well in a cool, shady, humus-rich border with spring flowers such as corydalis and dicentra. True Solomon's seal P. Search by Plant Name.

Garden Uses Best in woodland gardens or shady areas of rock gardens or border fronts. Thank You! Main Navigation Visit. Things To Do. There are very few flower colors of Solomon's seal—the most common is white with green tips. A few obscure species offer unique bloom colors, such as purple, pink, or orange. The flowers are often pleasantly fragrant.

Growing Conditions

Growing the Elegant Shade Perennial Solomon's Seal. Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum) is an elegant woodland plant that is native to North America. Although the dangling, white flowers and the black seed pods that follow are charming, it’s the arching stems and foliage that make. Solomon's Seal, Polygonatum: "Shady Savior" As a garden designer, I am often asked to recommend plants that are foolproof, black-thumb.

Once flowers have finished blooming, berries soon take their place. These berries begin green and age to purple-blue, then turn black in color. They are poisonous to humans, but birds delight in eating them. See more of the best early spring flowers for the Midwest. Solomon's seal are pretty easy plants to grow. Solomon's seal plants like dappled shade, rich and organic soils, and plenty of moisture—think woodland plants. Once they are established, they can survive short droughts fairly well. During longer dry periods, however, they do appreciate a good drink of water.

When it comes to exposure, these are plants that do best in part sun, especially sheltered from hot afternoon sun.

Solomon’s Seal Info – Caring For A Solomon’s Seal Plant

Because of their love of shade, these plants are often found growing under shade trees. They can take full shade as well, but may be a little bit looser in habit. Solomon's seal has wonderfully golden fall color, and this shows best in part sun.

common Solomon's seal (Syn. Polygonatum multiflorum)

Solomon's seal are steady growers and can form dense colonies of plants over the years. These plants spread by underground stems called rhizomes.

Rhizomes can be divided in early spring or fall to create more plants. Simply dig up the plants and carefully separate or cut apart rhizomes, leaving several growing points on each division. This makes these plants easy to contain if you don't want them spreading too much.


Most gardeners do not know that there is a whole world of little-known types of Solomon's seal that make fantastic garden plants. A number of different variegated selections are truly unique, and large variety of plant sizes are available. You can find dwarf forms that are less than 6 inches tall and varieties up to 12 feet tall!

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About us Our partners. Rootstock sturdy, branched. Height: 30—80 cm 12—32 in. Stem unbranched, arching, erect from base, round, glossy. Flower: Perianth campanulate—tubular, white—greenish, 9—20 mm 0. Stamens 6. Pistil of 3 fused carpels.