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History of ENT - Murder most foul, strange and unnatural
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Shin Bet were able to persuade Osama's uncle Kamal Hamad to give his nephew a new cellphone, one that would allow them to listen in on any calls that were made by, say, any wanted terrorists that should happen to use it. But the phone wasn't just bugged -- when Ayyash borrowed the phone on his visit, they remotely detonated a wad of high explosives hidden inside, taking his head clean off.

We cannot say with certainty what Osama's precise reaction was when his ex-roommate's head suddenly exploded, but we assume it was somewhere between surprise and extreme surprise.

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Depending on how you look at it, Mary Ellen Samuels' plot to kill her husband tumbled into the realm of a Coen Brothers movie when she decided to hire a small army of hitmen to get the job done. After spending two years waiting for the guy to be hit by a passing meteorite, she decided the universe was taking way too long to reward her with her fortune and hired a hitman to kill her unsuspecting husband. Unfortunately, the hitman she hired, James Bernstein, just couldn't manage to get it done. After three failed attempts to snuff the dude out, Bernstein did what any stressed-out freelancer would do -- he outsourced the job.

Meaning, he hired another guy to do the murdering for him. Either the second hitman was a savant or Bernstein was a complete moron, because he managed to get the job done with slightly more than zero effort -- he simply walked into the Samuels' home and shot Mary Ellen's husband. With her husband finally out of the way, Mary Ellen got her money and embarked on a post-murder shopping spree, splurging on, as the L.

Times reported, "fake fur coats, trips to Las Vegas, and custom-made outfits from a store called Trashy Lingerie" all the while failing to pay for her dead husband's headstone. When the cops inevitably came knocking, Mary Ellen hired two more hitmen to kill Bernstein, to get rid of all the loose ends tying her to her husband's murder.

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As zany as her plan was, it might have actually worked, had she been able to resist keeping Bernstein's wallet as a trophy. You may recognize hanging on to an incriminating piece of evidence as a "loose end. You're better at murder than Mary Ellen Samuels was. Mary Ellen Samuels.

Before she could hire even more hitmen to take out the last two and presumably add to her collection of wallets , the police arrested her.

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Murder Most Ingenious [Kip Chase] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Hubert Goodall, wealthy Californian estate owner, was found. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. My first book, "Where There's a Will” was written on a Murder Most Ingenious - Kindle edition by Kip Chase. Download it .

After what must have been one of the easiest wins in legal history, Mary Ellen was given the death penalty for her Inception murder spree. The Telegraph.

For more than a decade, Akku Yadav and his gang of thugs waged a campaign of terror against the residents of Kasturba Nagar, India. Murder, rape, kidnapping, beating people just for the hell of it -- if it was a violent felony, Akku was into it. It's not as if his victims could ask the police for help, either, thanks to the massive bribes that Akku regularly ferried to them. If someone did try to report Akku, the police would simply go straight to him and tell him the name of the snitch. However, there comes a time when subjugated people, terrified or not, will simply not suffer one more ounce of bullshit.

In , after a mob of his victims descended upon his house and demolished it with their bare hands, Akku was forced to hand himself over to police custody for protection. When the day of his hearing arrived, a revenge squad of of his female victims stormed the courtroom and hacked Akku to death in full view of the legal system. In a rather telling move, nobody did anything to stop them -- the women took Akku to Pound Town for a full 15 minutes before anyone tried to intervene. In response, the police arrested just five people for the murder.

And that's when the beauty of their plan revealed itself: In a moment ripped straight from Spartacus , every single member of the attacking mob claimed they had dealt the killing blow.

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With no way out of this legal mess , the courts dropped the matter entirely. Asahi Shimbun. In January , the employees of the Imperial Bank in Tokyo were closing up for the day when a doctor working with the occupying forces arrived. Warning of an outbreak of dysentery in the region, he asked everyone in the building to drink a vaccine mixture that he had conveniently brought with him.

Within minutes, 12 of them were dead and four were unconscious, because the "vaccine" was actually a cyanide solution. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover.

Murder Most Ingenious

The war in Chechnya has long been known for its no holds barred methods and the ferocity of the fighting. John Wick 4. Brandt uses this distraction to coil up the wires before anyone cottons on. Depending on your social media setting, the social media network will have record of this and may display your name or identifier in relation to this action. Marlowe C.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Murder Most Ingenious by Kip Chase. When Hubert Goodall, wealthy Californian estate owner, was found knifed to death in his art gallery, and a valuable Gauguin picture stolen, it would seem that someone had committed the perfect — or rather impossible — crime. For, unless all the guards were lying — and there appeared to be no collusion between them — it was impossible for anyone to have either entered or le When Hubert Goodall, wealthy Californian estate owner, was found knifed to death in his art gallery, and a valuable Gauguin picture stolen, it would seem that someone had committed the perfect — or rather impossible — crime.

For, unless all the guards were lying — and there appeared to be no collusion between them — it was impossible for anyone to have either entered or left the building at the time of the murder.

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Of course, if one looked for them, there were suspects galore. Plenty of people surrounding Goodall had a motive for resentment, or worse, against him, and plenty of people seemed to behave suspiciously either before or after the crime had been committed. A helicopter was also placed above the scene, raining down bullets, a nod to Garcia's alias 'Chopper.

Garcia's crime might have remained undetected were it not for a couple of observant detectives who were going through random photos of gang tattoos. The Most Evil U. Government Experiments On Humans. The Top 10 Untrue Medical Myths.