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Thank you so much. I am truly inspired. I really got fired up reading your manifesto. I am starting with a business partner a new business Linked to my name. I told him not to worry about me that even if I was, which I am not, I would learn valuable things from it and be better off from the experience. My two goals Live life with passion and enjoy the adventure and freedom. Be self supporting now and during my retirement making enough money so that I can end up living by a particular lake in a cool log cabin and enjoy the hubby nature.

How can I make a difference? I am a master teacher, I have a love for spreading the good news of Jesus. I am also interested in help couples improve their marriage. I may end up doing both. Your article was very motivating. I will be sharing it with others. Brillant work. Your writing is simple and effective, and it got this cynical and lazy cog motivated to make a remarkable life for myself and my family.

I had a fairly easy time answering the first question, it is something that I have discovered I am truly passionate about. The more I have thought and read about carfree living the more excited I get about it. What I can offer: Passion towards an unconventional goal, loving and honest discourse, and the backing of a wonderful family. Great manifesto, Chris. I have yet to become a reader of your blog, but count me in for being the change, and spreading the idea. I enjoyed the manifesto.

Keep up the good writing. I just finished reading the manifesto… awesome! I have read your manifesto once. And I will read it again. I love the way you present your ideas. It is very interresting when you read stuff that resonate with your own idea, your own point of view.

Its just a sign that I am on the good way and that other people thing like me. Realy I want to thank you. You are Real, I mean you realy live your life the way you want to, you take the time to write a blog to share your personal experiences. Its just amazing for me to see that so many people out there are not walking the path of conformity.

Even if I am not totaly agree with all your ideas I support you. Continue your great job, follow your dreams. And good luck for the country left. Great site and fantastic guide. In my own blog I try to get people to do the same. I just found you yesterday. Downloaded your PDF and read it, even watched your new video post up there.

Very thought-provoking. I was really interested in seeing that. When I saw you covered Randy Pausch, I had to smile. I made my whole family watch it! I cannot answer the two questions — yet. On a more personal note, I actually felt my own mediocrity on September 11, I was working in a restaurant at the time, at a not-paying-very-well job.

Where would I stay? And then I had family and my boyfriend telling me the same thing. It always does. I tweeted you yesterday too! When I downloaded it, I honestly thought was going to be full of a lot of hoopla. I appreciate that you point out that getting what you want takes work and sacrifice, not just wishful thinking. You have motivated me to take more time to focus on the things I enjoy. I plan to put a review of the manifesto on my blog this weekend. Thank you so much for putting this together. That was absolutely, incredibly well written.

Clear, inspiring and thought provoking. I was amazed to find many similarities between your teachings and mine. For instance, the biggest one was the need for passion. But with great fire in your belly and a desire to accomplish something, nothing can stop you. The other thing you mentioned that I continue to emphasize is the power of gratitude as well as giving back. Helping others.

It can encompass anything that you give away — your time, your expertise, your love, your compassion,etc. I really enjoyed your Manifesto. I like both your accessible, entertaining writing style and your ideas. The two questions are great. The first has definitely been easier for me to answer than the second. Well educated and well into my career I none the less continue to search for insight and inspiration to assist in pushing me to the next level.

I find your organized approach to non-conformism to be quite intelligent and refreshing. The Manifesto was great reading, and a good addition to my life-long learning process. I plan to use the concepts to hone in on what I really want to do when I finally grow up — save the global ecology through photo-art and music. I especially like the part where you emphasize the importance of finding a way to serve others while pursuing your own goals. Very important. Hello, Thanks for writing the ebook. It was like a catalyst for me.

I was introduced to you via LifeDev. All the best for your journeys and experiences…. I do and will live a life of education; for myself, my family, my friends and those around me. I was born to coach and lead and I have a passion for infrastructure whether it be for work, home, education, power or water. By taking a minuteman approach to problem solving, I expect to help our country and others develop the private infrastructure needed to empower most with health, humanity and happiness. The error to the Ideal World exercise is now fixed.

You can download a new version of the PDF with the correct one, or just use this link:. Thanks for the brief guide to world domination. I enjoyed the read as I am at a turning point in my life, making many changes and being a bit unsure of some of the steps I have yet to take. You helped me to validate the direction that I have chosen. Thanks again! Once I realized that I truly needed to be free of all those social conditionings, I put my plan into action about 6 months ago. Talk about a relief. After my travels I hope to study massage therapy and holistic modalities.

At 40 years of age and being single, I feel blessed to be able to do whatever I want and not have to feel as if commitments will keep my bound to a job that is deadening my spirit. Outside of a few faithful friends who agree, I now keep my plans to myself. Just wanted to say that I loved the manifesto and thought as a long time lurker its probably about time to show my gratitude by saying so!

Its called DO3things and is based on a simple idea that by doing three things as big or small as you like we can all make for a better life. Adventure and traveling are my other necessities. The Human Genome project led to more research that may lead to better medicine, better health, and better understanding of ourselves. My project aims to mimic this approach for cognition. Hello Chris! Geez, I read the manifesto and I must thank you to share your thoughts with us.

Your book is clear and… wow, it was a catarsys. Well, count with me in your army, sir. I enjoyed reading Brief Guide to World Domination and your passion in writing it. Good luck! This was an excellent article, very well written and laid out and compelling. I started it but have honestly found a million excuses to let it simmer. Thank you for reminding me that I was inspired to blog for the greater good and since time is illusion anyway, there is plenty of it for blogging.

Thanks to Phil Gerbyshak for turning me on to your work. Purposes is to bring authenticity and spirituality into our workplace lives. Chris, Awesome work. Thank you Chris, for your manifesto. I want to work for myself, and not anymore for any bureaucratic organisation. I want my life to be meaningful, and not mundane. I want to gain wisdom and be free of ignorance. At the end of my life, I want to be able to look back, and be satisfied that I have tapped into the power within me, and use it to contribute to a better world.

What I can offer to others through teaching yoga is hope, insight, and healing. Awesome manifesto, and a very nice website overall. Also, thanks for mentioning Kiva just when I was wondering where to keep my savings, currently idling at a barely-over-inflation account. At least someone will get some use out of them, I suppose. I am still experiencing life… and un-learning all the stuff i learnt at school… I am still unsure of how to answer those two questions!

This manifesto is gonna be the catalyst to help me out now!!! And all likeminded friends of mine would help themselves with a serving of this! Sometimes, this makes planning the day difficult. I never gave enough thought to really understand what I wanted and how to give back. But I always knew, and this little piece that you wrote loosened that knowledge from my tiny brain.

You hit a home run here. Whatever it is you do in your life from now on Chris, your Art of Nonconformity is a torchlight in a darkening world. The dream then: to be a foreign correspondent. I found my way by finding a job as a sub-editor on The Bulawayo Chronicle, bending a few immigration rules and choosing a place and time of historical relevance. My most important real dream, more simple, but far more valuable than travelling around the world, would be to find love, happiness, and enjoy a great family life. It took another 13 years to get there.

Those of us with the good fortune to follow our own paths, to think independently and with a global perspective, enjoy a wealth of experiences and achievements that transcend economic success. Ironically, I expect we are generally more successful in the material sense than the great mass either too fearful or unimaginative to find our own way. Well done and thanks. This both validates and encourages my current path and I cannot wait to print it for my kids as well.

Chris, thanks for the ebook. I have started 3 different businesses and written books. Funding your dreams is hard. Thanks again for the insight and encouragement. Today is not the day to quit. WOW I am glad that i have found another person that has similar thoughts about life and the things that you can achieve for your life.

Your ebook has added me new perspectives and opened new windows in my mind and encouraged me to follow my inner voice to achieve my goals. After writing this comment i will email your ebook to the closest friends and family, encourage them to read and apply to their life, and hand over the computer to my wife to read it. I have also subscribed to your newsletter, looking forward to receive news about you soon. You rock man. Taking an independent path is a very personal call. Each of us needs to keep in mind that no worthy goal is off limits, whether it seems mainstream or radical.

I like the Ready-Fire-Aim Method. Ideas are of no value whatsoever without action, and most often, the original idea is adjusted several times as action is taken and lessons are learned. One of the greatest self-help fallacies is the idea that goal setting and visualization alone will make something happen. Thank you. Read your Manifesto at an opportune time in my life. Just graduated college and moved to Boston to start a pretty unique job that will take me all over the world for at least the next few years.

Gotta start somewhere! Thanks for the report! I would tell you my answers to the two most important questions, but I think I will just live them out instead. We are all our own army the nonconformists so I have never been one to join the masses! In India, there are two national languages: English and Hindi. However, the only language taught in schools is English and at the same time, almost everyone in India has access to a cell phone or owns one themselves. Consequently I have received nothing. You really nailed the most important aspects of living your own life and being the change you want to see in the world.

I felt excitement, inspiration and encouragement as I progressed through the manifesto. In part, it offered validation of the path of non-conformity I consciously chose many years ago hey, how many heart surgeons do you know who build online businesses to fund their passion?!

And in part, it offered precious guidance and safety guidelines to guard against getting side-tracked, disillusioned or being tempted to give up. Thank you from my heart for writing this report and sharing it with the world. I will certainly be spreading the word about it, and recommending it to others I know who are or are dreaming about changing the world! Oh, I love the typography and colours in your pamphlet.

The content irked my nihilist sensibilities at times, but it conveyed the idea that there is a huge power in being intense rather then sensible. No use worrying or doubting. Who can stand up to that attitude? Love the little ebook. My two answers were the same! I think I can refine answer number two a little more because love and music are not unique to me , but I thought that was interesting that what I want from this life is the same as what I really have to give. I just read your brief guide to world domination, and all I can say is: Sign me up for your army!

I find your writing very inspiring, and I find your actions and your life even more so. Let me know what I can do to support you. Let me know. Two things that I love a huge ton are helping people and explaining things. My wife and I are going to become the 1 communication experts in the English-speaking world. Chris — Thanks for writing this book and for your website.

Seems like the world is coming to life after being in a funk a long time. Great ideas! Helps me a lot to get my thoughts together. Mani 6 comments up. Hint — your wake-up call has made me realise that in most of the areas where I have been going wrong, without realising it, I have been submitting to the pressures to conform. So in the spirit of your inspiring pdf, rather than telling you what I can offer that no one else can, I think it would be far more appropriate if I just got on with it.

Thanks for the manifesto! Thanks for a truly inspiring read, packed with very useful links and real life tools. Thank you for teaching me something important today. Your Guide is very timely. You are on the right track here! Joyful conduit of truth, beauty and love, here, applying my advanced nerdery and communications skillz writing! I wish I had read this before I left to go off to college, but I am glad to get the chance to renew my thinking now as married 47 year old with a brand new baby girl.

Thanks, Chris for putting this out there. Greg Taylor. Reading the words you wrote has hit home with me. The project has been quite a journey for us. Meeting people, seeing things, and working with folks we never thought would be possible a few years ago. We are doing this project with our own time and money. And it has not been easy. I am not great with words…. I had not put it into words like you have here, but we had it in our heads — reading this re-enforced that we were on the right track and we should keep going… It came at a time where we are tired and a bit behind, so the inspiration is greatly appreciated.

Not only will many readers be older, but also many people fear not being able to afford to stop working e. I am quitting my job this month to work on my dream of building independent city states on platforms in international waters, so people can experiment with new social, political, and legal systems. Not for myself, but for the world — because we need a long tail of government.

The report is spreading like wildfire thanks to a virtual army, myself included, who are enthusiastically fanning the smoke signals of change in a digital age. Your manifesto came to my attention at a pivotal point in my life. I am 48 years old, have always been a homemaker, and buried my dreams for a different life. Meanwhile, I am researching green architecture, learning about organic gardening, and preparing in other ways while we aggressively reduce our debt load. The dream continues to expand to include other aspects, but that is the gist. Thanks for posting this, and best wishes as you travel the world, challenging mediocrity, and promoting nonconformity.

Everyone around me seems puzzled, the closer ones opened their eyes bigger, as if I have committed a cardinal sin. Truth is, I did it on purpose. I wanted to be different for a while. But seldom are there people who like to hold it. Hi Chris, what a great manifesto. In desperate need of intelligence in the form of words and reports I am so loving your report. Chris- Love the manifesto. Just finished it after about a week.

A little here, a little there. Very generous. Good luck with your quest. Your manifesto is amazing. An unexpected series of events led me to it at a time when I had become discouraged. You inspired me to take action and move closer to what I really want and what I can offer, in a remarkable way. I followed your ready, set, aim approach and sent out 3 emails today to move my study forward. This has taken me months to do so I am SO excited.

It is an amazing piece of work. Chris, I knew what I needed to do, but have been stumbling along trying to execute it. With your help and inspiring words, I have the plan, am ready to execute it, and you will be hearing about me someday soon too! Peace and safe travels. One of your readers — a coworker of mine — pointed out your website and your manifesto. What do you really want to get from life?

Perspective, holistic thinking, ideas and theories that will change the world, my own surreal experience of living here, now, and my art, writing and spirit. My name is DM Cook and I explore consciousness and culture in an effort to discover the fundamental truths of our reality. The world with me in charge is far more holistic and conscientious, truly concerned with the effects of its actions and deeply committed to improving itself.

But I want to let you know that I do know what I want to do. I want to break-in an educational system that will eliminate the triviality of the current educational systems, especially highschool, towards the superficial criteria of marks and degrees, where children, teenagers and young adults suffer through the brutal regurgitation process and slave mentality of the unremarkable average — towards producing things of value, creativity, and to teach them the importance of being remarkable, in finding what they truly want and inspiring them to achieve it despite gatekeepers.

Starting with 3 specific countries: Canada, China, U. This manifesto is great mainly to show that defying the Status Quo rules is not a so-alone activity. I see fit a world where all the information overload would be smart-wraped into more interesting packages to grant wider access to building knowledge and, so, promoting evolution.

Great Manifesto. Truly inspiring and motivational. One day I hope to inspire others. Which leads me to the answers to the two questions you proposed:. I want to inspire those who will listen. I want to be a motivational and driving force which helps individuals realize their potential. What do I really want to get out of life? I want to travel, volunteer, garden, read, bake, cook, spend time with family and friends. Re learn to write. Definitely kick-ass coffee cake and apple turnovers!

This is something I have to work on, think more on. I read your manifesto, and existentialism already did it. Great Manifesto — I have been truely inspired. Hopefully I will break out of my comfort zone and lead a truly remarkable life! Just wanted to let you know that I read your manifesto and thought there were some really useful ideas in it—esp.

Hello there!

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  • Gun Bay (Edward Ballantyne Novels Book 2).

I read your manifesto and enjoyed it thoroughly. Like most other people, I found it easier to answer the first, but difficult to answer the second. I never thought of myself as special or unique or that I would have anything worthwhile to contribute. So your manifesto is also essentially a lesson in self-esteem, as I read it. It encouraged and uplifted me to a state where I can believe that yes, even me, even plain, boring, average and nonspecial me, I can potentially change the world somehow, some way.

I hope to make progress on that front. So good luck with your endeavors, and good luck to me for starting this journey towards growth and change. My friend sent me your work on a brief guide to world domination. He sent it to me to help motivate me and my goal. For me the first question is most difficult. All I want is to be happy. For me to try to extend what that means…would take a life time in itself, cause what might make me happy now, might not in five years.

As for What can you offer the world that no one else can? I see a revolution. This is why my friend sent me your manifest. I believe that government in the US is corrupt and there is too much of it. I believe the system needs to change. The corrupt should be purged out. The Federal government should not be involved in decisions on abortion laws. I can go on, but I think you see my point. Why have I not started on this? If I am not the one, then who is??? And besides my friend who gave me your manifest, who else is with me?

Does my generation agree with me? Is my generation ready for a revolution??? Three months ago I decided to leave my cushy software job and studies at Columbia University and take a year to do everything that I wanted to do when I was Climbing mountains, teaching English overseas, living in Russia… you name it! Not tomorrow, not a week from now, but today. Here are quick jots in reference to your two questions:. My life is for the service of others. I cry whenever I heard of people suffering.


My soul aches each night; I sleep uneasy. I want to help, I want to cause change. My life in service to them. But I love them. My heart feels for them. For their problems, injustices, I know them. This is a really hard question. I am a creative person, willing to try out new things and implement new policies and ideas. I see that corruption of the world; the fact that 5 percent of the people in the world control the other 95 percent. There is a serious imbalance of power and money.

I want to offer my views and thoughts, so that others may learn and benefit from them like I do. I offer my will to improve myself, my determination to succeed, and my love of humanity. I have a lot of things that I have to fix in my life, so I take things one day at a time. You had a part in this. I started on this path many years ago, and let myself get distracted and discouraged. So thanks, for getting me back on track. I linked to the manifesto in a post this evening. I read the manifesto and think you have done a wonderful job of making people think more about what they exactly want and inspire them to go after what fulfills them.

I grew tired of mediocrity about 15 months ago. To tackle this challenge, I started with all of my current resources: books from my personal collection on and off line , the library, online reading lists, and the book collections of my personal network. I finally got around to reading your manifesto, and I really enjoyed it. Your writing has inspired me to continue to pursue my own unique goals.

My goals did not come out of thin air, they came from diliberate thoughts and dreams that I must act upon in order to respect myself and my dreams. I will take these thoughts and convert them into actionable steps and take those sub-steps each day. I look forward to reading more of your writing, and I wish you a very happy and prosporous Happy travels! I have now read the Brief Guide to World Domination twice, and it struck terror in my heart.

I am doing my PhD, and I fear that I am only doing it to please the gatekeepers. Or am I becoming a gatekeeper myself? Am I wasting my time? For the moment I am taking comfort in the fact that with my PhD I will be able to meet many gatekeepers on an equal footing. So true. I have no choice but to do what I want because I cannot work another life-draining job, and I need to be surrounded by like minded people.

Thank you for sharing your manifesto. It is incredibly inspiring! I will add a link to my blog so that others may have the pleasure of reading it and be inspired to live out their dreams. Keep this up. I strive to meet people like you every day, for the inspiration. Every day living in mediocrity, it is so easy to fall into this trap of not using my energy wisely and shrugging off remarkable goals and steps to achieve them. I am a firm believer that anything is possible, yet I need these kinds of encouraging and well-written articles and blogs to keep the realism in the non-conformity.

Thank you, and I hope you continue your fascinating journey to completion. I recently took the leap to China to continue pushing on my language skill and go to work for a publishing house where I actually already have the qualifications and various skills to do a job that is desperately needed. So, it has been annoying disconcerting to actually have the skills, but be greeted by gatekeepers that keep a different score from that which we tally in the west. Dead ends are useful, they make us take a hard look at our selves, goals, expectations and those annoying and blinds assumptions we have made about the world.

I enjoyed your manifesto. I look forward to putting your suggestions to use.

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It was exactly what I needed. After reading, I decided that I would begin editing the novel I abandoned three months ago in favor of more average teenage pursuits. I am stepping away from it for only a moment in order to leave a comment telling you how grateful I am to you for this. I will most definitely keep following your site! I enjoyed reading your manifesto, as I hope to become one of the people that break out from conformism working on it, not there yet.

Your message is really important as most people these days have very little focus in life. I share your belief that the only way to be truly happy is by doing something remarkable that you love, but which also benefits the society as a whole. I will follow your site, keep up the great work! The problem of mediocracy, is that democracy demands an even playing field, that individuals become the instruments civil servants of proxies congress elected by the people that legislate their own agenda to be further executed the white house in some governmental agency.

If we applied your way of performing, it could well spell out anarchy in America, so how can you reconcile the need to be better with the letter of the law? How does a civil servant become exceptional when every point in your manifesto preaches against the status quo? While taking an independent streak is not frowned upon in government, for quite often, serendipity does bring change to the way we serve the people, it still cannot completely break away from the limitations placed upon civil servants.

Change has to take place with the people, with their proxies, and with the chief executive and his appointees, from there, the government of democracy may have some hope for it in becoming a better society. I just read your manifesto. What a fresh look at goal-setting. What a great motivation to not just change your life, but change the world!

I need to digest some of it, read it again, and crack open my journal and see what kind of answers I might have for those two key questions. I am a self proclaimed Covey-ite, and I have my personal mission statement, which I think I shall review and revise, and possibly turn it into my own manifesto for world domination.

Thanks so much, Chris! I do know I enjoyed your guide and the motivational aspect of it, now just to figure out what my plans are for when my contract is up. Your manifesto is fantastic. I will be a graduate student in a health-professional field for the next 6 years, and I will have several more years of training after that. Reading your manifesto has reaffirmed how crucial of a step this is for achieving my goals. More importantly, I am determined to achieve some of my unrelated goals concurrently with my professional education.

It is truly amazing how much one can accomplish over a long time, simply by choosing what very little to accomplish each day. Thanks for posting that Chris! I want to stop seabirds from dying with pounds of plastic in their bellies because plastics have made it up the food chain. I want to help the world get back from the damage that humans have done.

I want to eliminate plastic, and find a biodegradable solution.

Ask Me About the Universe

I want to be able to reconcile my career and my desire to help people in my life. I keep my head down in a very rigourous program. I want to simplify my life. I want to travel, and I want to be able to love everyone too. When I set a goal, I meet it. I will work with the best people in the world and we will get rid of plastic in our lifetime.

Chris, Just read this. Thanks for your hard work and generosity. I will be joining the ranks of changing the world. Why be average?! Just figuring out my 2 answers right now. Looking forward. Your manifesto is a great model for me to leverage as I think about how to present these ideas and stories in what hopefully will be a powerful message that will drive change. I am excited to join with you in our mutual goal to take over, or change, the world. Just wanted to say thanks for preparing this guide — really great and inspiring read and I am on the road to achieving what I want. I want to get up every morning and be able to write and record music — sometimes with other great musicians, sometimes on my own — and have that be my life.

I want to play gigs and hang out with people afterwards cause people are amazing. I want to promote positivity and respect and love and all the best things about being human. I think it involves teaching other musicians how to use technology to make things happen for themselves instead of banking their talents on a severely unlikely record deal. One of the most productive day I had in a long time! Chris, I just finished reading a Brief Guide to World Domination…very nice, thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspiring others. They run in line with your thoughts with one key addition…the environment.

In doing something that feeds our soul and benefits the greater good we must also weave in care of the environment. All of our great actions occur within the overarching stucture of our ecological world. Thanks for the inspiration! Well, thanks to Seth Godin, today has been Chris Guillebeau day for me — since first thing this morning when I found out about your Days post to now the World Domination Guide I had to laugh, I am constantly toying with my readers that I am after World Domination — I am a little more clear of the direction I need to go.

I do have to say that I posed your two questions found in your post to my blog readers today, and as of just a few minutes ago, my inbox is full of them telling me exactly what they want from me. How simple it was just to ask them what they want, and how willing they were to give me the answers. Your manifesto was very timely for me.

The universe is in your hand

Galfard, I did not see your reply. But, you men, better hide! It's really annoying that it has been leaked so quickly, because the only thing I know now is that I have lung cancer. In theory, yes. Sign in Create an account. The left destroys whatever it touches: fibre arts included just look at those stupid fucking pussy hats on the WM morons.

Your world domination manifesto was awesome and has added fuel to my passion. I am a first year college student and I am writing my first blog. I really want it to be a success. There are still a few obstacles in the way, but I am certain I will overcome them just as you overcame yours. I would like the blog to eventually become a source of passive income during my time in college. I hope to network with you and others like you Leo Babauta, Steve Pavlina, etc. Thank you for this, and for making it free. It really makes you think and re-evaluate life. God bless. A great report, what more can I say.

I completely agree with you. Most people are in shock- can you really do that?? Thanks again for the report, now back to work to realize my dream! Regards, Christian. Fantastic stuff, thank you. What a tremendous learning experience though! I have just read your manifesto — it is well written and provoking enough so that you actually start thinking about it.

I mean, I can just say that I am a world expert in training people in creating better presentations, but, at the end of the day, there are at least few other that can really claim that, right? Thanks for your illuminating manifestos and for your insights Alex. I really like the two questions being combined. I have a feeling that not trying to answer both together has been causing me to stall. I will be looking more in depth at your site and your thoughts and rereading the manifesto of course. Thank you for this—just found it a few days ago. It is extremely helpful, and has convinced me to drop the Adsense.

Great article. I only just discovered your site following a link from Seth Godin and love the information about non-conformity, which really strikes a chord with me. In fact it has inspired me to comment in this article — which is the first time I have ever commented on a post online! My biggest fear, however, is not being able to support my wonderful wife and three children in the life they have got used to leading. Do you have any advice? I only hope that some day my blog can provide as much value to the lives of others as yours does. Chris, Your manifesto hits home, inspires and is beautifully written.

Well done. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for writing such inspiring work.

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I was blown away by your manifesto. What you wrote is exactly what I needed to hear. I have huge dreams and ideas about things i want to achieve in the world, and I know I have unique abilities and an undying passion that will allow me to do this. The reason I have not yet acted upon these ideas is that i have come up against some many fears, doubts and excuses in my head, and more than anything I spend too much time worrying about what people will think.

What you wrote is so powerful and extremely inspiring and it is this type of information that will change the world Thank you for spreading such an amazing message and inspiring me to FINALLY start taking action on my dreams. Second: You struck some chords with me and likely a fairly large group. My blog resonates with similar ideas covering life path seeking and the changing of media.

Third: From your love of travel, I look forward to many reviews of not so touristy travel. Me and my lovely companion Michelle will probably opt for more amenities but we love exploring. You are the real deal. Thank you for saying the things that so many of us non-conformists are thinking and feeling, and for encouraging us to be truth-tellers. Make mistakes of ambition and not mistakes of sloth.

Develop the strength to do bold things, not the strength to suffer. I found your manifesto just a few days after resigning from my job to spend some time working directly on an open-source project, and reading it just confirmed that I made the right decision. Just read the article and thoroughly enjoyed it. The principles that you brought forth though not new to me as it is quite biblical in nature but has given a new twist of some sort … a new perspective shall we say. Yes we can pursue our passions AND help other people as well.

I read this at the right time. I have finally started to discover what it is I am actually good at and passionate about. Your manifesto has given me the courage to continue figuring out how to take the reigns of my own life! I just wanted to say thank you for your Manifesto. I read a lot of motivation crap, but yours has been so close to how I feel about things. It was only a few months ago that I decided I wanted my life to be more world changing, instead of simply extravagant.

Thank you so much for your Manifesto. I liked it a lot. It really fits in with a lot of things I have been thinking about lately. I believe what you wrote is going to end up being very helpful to me. I felt like I could hear your enthusiasm and energy. I got excited about your ideas.

The answer to the first question is: I want to be a writer and speaker — not necessarily write a book although I am not against that idea but I would like to write fulltime — stories, articles, blogging, poetry — I like to write and read — and I love public speaking with a little theatrical flair to it.

The answer to the second question is harder for me to formulate at this moment but it has to do with helping people learn to think outside of their preconceived ideas — to learn to think critically and ask good questions — in the process of doing that I think I can help tear down some ideas in the world that I believe promote certain injustices.

As someone who has recently quit her job to plunge into the world of writing, I found both your e-books incredibly inspiring and motivating. I am on the verge of making major decisions about where my life will take me in the near and far future, and this provided exactly the stimulus I needed. In a word: freedom. The freedom to make my own choices, and life my life the way I see fit. The practical translation of that is to become financially independent, live where I choose, and be able direct my time and energy to make a meaningful contribution to the world whilst having fun.

My three main values are: freedom, entrepreneurial creativity and seamless integration between work and life. Through my past experiences and personal attributes, several things come to mind. Whether others cannot offer the same, I cannot say. A few things that come to mind are sharp and original thinking, a willingness and ability to support and coach others and a desire to create win-win situations for all. Thanks for that manifesto. It was quite inspiring. I still yet have to fully answer those 2 most important questions, but I will.

Odd things happen to those who do not wait to experience life. Food tastes better, friends seem friendlier, life seems fuller. I put off reading it because I had little time to invest, I am glad I found the time. Likewise, I am glad to have found your site from the same friend. I served in the USAF for many years and miss traveling to new and interesting places. Your site has given me new hope of getting back into that mode from one that is very mundane at present. So I want to say thank you for bringing this new fresh breeze into what was looking more and more like a stagnant and unfulfilling experience.

Creating a new awareness and appreciation for life should be the goal of every person, to make change for the betterment of all in some small way the personal manifesto and taking positive steps for improvement of oneself are the cornerstone of a solidly sensible foundation for life IMO. Thank you for vindicating a feeling I have been having for a long time. I feel empowered that people really can live doing what they want, while in the service of others. Especially at a time in my life when I feel so much pressure to conform as everyone around me is settling down and resigning to a safe life.

This manifesto of yours gave me the needed boost, evidenced by me getting up at 6am today to work on my passion, and finish reading your writing. My friend, whom you refer to, Sam Thompson was at the finish line to high five me, because he knew I just qualified. Unfortunately they gave me a half marathon number and everyone thought I was the last half Marathoner coming in at 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Sam knew. I traveled to that race with Sam and friends from Jackson and because Katrina had hit the week before, we were not sure we would find gas along the way to keep the car running to Tupelo, MS. In I ran the Boston Marathon and my wife told me that same evening she was in love with someone else. Twenty years of marriage ended in the next year and I am raising my daughters.

BUT, I have a book I have been working on over the last two years, much of which was born from the events I was going through. I started running in , and must have been practicing to some extent, some unconventional means to get to where I am. He never recognized me but twice in those two long years. But I spent a lot of time with my Dad until he died. Ran my first 5k three weeks later. Life is better now, but yet, I refuse to enjoy the mundanity of it.

I think a lot of people if they read it would see, we all struggle through the same issues in life and in the end, life is as good as we want it to be, regardless of the struggles. I was glued from page one of your report.

The universe is in your hand

Unbelievable timing for me when I read it. Today is the last day I can sign up for the New York City Marathon, with my qualifying time that guarantees my entry. I was calling a lot of things I want to do in life the last year, my Bucket list for obvious reasons. I find you really have to get out of your comfort zone if you are going to do the things in life that will indeed be most rewarding. Thanks for the inspiration. Chris, thank you SO much for sharing your manifesto with us. I want to live a life where I receive warm welcomes wherever I go.

Thanks again and good luck with your travels! Because happiness begins when you stop complicating everything. Oh, and also, happiness is letting destiny take the wheel: Chris happened to lose his phone somewhere deep in the Mediterranean on a fishing trip. No more proof of me letting myself go. Sounds like a dream vacation to me! I think you are with the right man when he accepts you at your worst, and you can accept him too of course;. I really enjoy this post! Totally true, the same happens to me when I go from the city to the small beaches in Spain.

Fallout 76

The illustration is so beautiful! Ah, Girolata! You made me chuckle! Almost every summer for the last few years, I have spent the month of July in Colorado. I keep up with the sunscreen and eye cream and something at night, but the rest gets more and more optional with each passing day…and no one cares, least of all me. Oui je crois!

This is hilarious and so dead on. Garance, you are so brave and so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing :. Comme quoi. I really admire your ability to laugh at yourself and to not take yourself so seriously. All that in spite of your fame and success. We are all the girls you referred to in your story having many aspects some gorgeous and some imperfect.

That is what makes us fascinating! Vacation is for letting go and relaxing. Sometimes vacation-type grooming is part of that ooh! I want to teach her to go for midnight skinny dips and have a ball. How do we find this right balance between truly living in the moment and also taking pride in our appearance? Ah Girolata! Je ne voulais plus repartir. Leurs histoires me faisaient monter les larmes.


Garance, it sounds like true love and memories made in heaven. The best guys love us au naturel. This reminds me of the 3 week boat trips my husband and I, along with our three kids, had every summer -up until 5 years ago. All 5 of us in a 40 foot boat- along the coast of Norway. I could write a novel- but, will keep this short! If you find someone who loves to do that too, well that is heaven! Be a part of it, enjoy the beauty of nature, and do with what we had a long with us.

The kids has awesome memories of it and still talk about it. Best type of vacation living simple and close to nature ever! Que du bonheur quoi! Mouah ah ah ah!!! Loved how you solved the problem by bathing in the sea…. This one is my all time fave! Translation: life is too short to get all bent out of shape over some pimples from oily sunscreen and dirty skin from cold showers.

When all around, you can see such incredible beauty of Corsica in all senses and meanings , you feel beauty yourself too : Even after day long hiking on GR20 where showers etc. Beauty and happy in your soul, mind and body :. I might as well have written this post!! I went running off into the woods with my man for a while. And so did the beauty rituals. They all ran away from me. Showers are a luxury. Didnt care for anything that is not sunscreen. Happy to eat noodles and laugh all night over beer.

Garance, your holiday sound perfect! Et on est les plus beaux du monde! Chris sounds too good to be true, lucky you. Count your lucky stars you have found your perfect if there is such a thing match. There are lots of beautiful, perfectly groomed women out there without a man or woman or even a date. I wish I had known this decades ago…. I would have saved thousands on self-tanning creams, after sun lotion, hair removal stuff, stuff that dyed, stuff that made you smoother, stuff to rub off your dead skin, stuff that made you browner, then lighter again, stuff to make your skin grow back, stuff to make hair straight, then curly, then limp, then full, then bloody curly again, stuff to make your eye lashes grow, stuff to tweeze the brows, stuff to make your brows bushy again, stuff to whiten teeth, make your breath smell good, cuticle stuff, nail stuff, elbow stuff, sun spots stuff……..

The only ones that notice are the ones that take longer than you to dress up in the morning, and you do not want to be with one of those. Ni avec du poids, ni avec des poils, ni sans cheveux soyeux comme une truffe de labrador. Les deux sont simplistes. You have to be so sure of yourself to wear short hair. With short hair you have to be very confident in your feminity.

Your Robert DeNiro reference…. Garance- I have been reading your blog for years now and always love everything, but this is by far one of my favorite things you have shared, I absolutely had to comment!! First of all, I was laughing out loud— this is hysterical! It reminded me what a waste it is to stress so much about appearing perpetually effortless and pristine; we are all human, and the right guy will never care about pimples or dark circles or body hair ; Thank you!

Oh, I love the text. I think modern woman is like a prisoner of her own vision of herself. They realize they are with a human being not a plastic doll : robert de niro, huh? I think men really do not care, it is some pattern we take on, from childhood, that dictates how we see ourselves as women…. The closer you get to 50 and you start the hormonal change, the more able you are to let all that go, and we all know that no serum is going to reverse aging… Being at peace with ourselves and having a voice is by far, the learning lesson of aging as a women….

Ha ha. Merci Garance. I swam in the sea and used a bucket of water that we carrried to our hut from several kilometers away to rinse myself once every few days. My skin was silky smooth and so clear, and my hair was soft and shiny like never before! The story you have written here actually occurs closer to home and it always brings out an internal struggle for me: you meet a guy full make-up, great outfit, brushed hair , you go on a few dates perfect make-up, killer outfit hiding all bodily imperfections, blowed out hair and then there is the first night he stays over… And every time it freaks me out like crazy!

And I wonder, what tells that about us when we are scared of revealing our natural state? Good thing I already pre-ordered your book ;. This is all very cute, but why do you let your man define you.